Reiki Facials

Reiki Facials

Hi, I’m Nousha Salimi. Registered Nurse, injection master, skincare specialist, Reiki Master and creator of the Reiki Facial!

Very early on in my childhood I was able to recognize the importance of nurturing other people and was always drawn to taking care of others. Even from an early age I have pictures of me taking care of my grandma and putting qtips in between her toes to make sure that they were moisturized and not cracked from her old age. Even if I didn’t know exactly what to do, I was obsessed with helping!

In my teens, I became a Registered Nurse and began my first training working at a mental institution, taking care of patients who were completely incapacitated. I learned even more the importance of giving love and nurturing others – being around people who need nurturing the most and sadly rarely receive it. Soon after that I began working in the operating room in a renowned plastic surgeons office in New York City, realizing even more the importance of our mental health for a whole new demographic of patients. Realizing that no matter who you are or what you’re going through, we are able to regulate the mind and get it in a peaceful state to be the best version of ourselves and maximize our own body’s healing power.

A few years into my career, it took me running into a burnout state to realize the importance of taking care of myself, not only others. When I was finally able to come to that conclusion, I had a great healing experience and it was able to expand what I could give to others. When I first experienced Reiki, I had such an incredible feeling of warmth run through my body of this deep love that I wanted to share with others which is why I eventually went through over a year of training to become a Reiki Master. Combined with over 10 years of nursing and skincare training, I created the Reiki Facial.

During the Reiki Facials my goal is to get the client in the most relaxed state possible, so for those who have never meditated or experienced reiki before, I will usually guide them into a deep stated visualization meditation so they can really slow and calm the mind down themselves and understand what that inner stillness is when you get to a deep state of relaxation. When their body is completely still and the mind after they’ve gone through the visualization, similar to yoga nidra, they are then able to receive the reiki energy more deeply and effectively.

When the client first comes to see me I always ask ‘is there something you want to release?’ ‘something you want to bring in?’ Or if they just want to receive and see what comes through. I always prep with them beforehand so we can set an intention going into the reiki. Once they are in that relaxed state, I’ll begin to feel my hands get warm behind their head or passing over them which is a form of energy moving throughout the body in order to release it. Every time someone does reiki it is a completely different experience, you could have it multiple times and each time would be unique.

I love doing the reiki in my facials when the client has a mask on, one of my favorites to use is the KORA Organics Turmeric Mask that gives a nice exfoliation. Once the mask is applied, it’s the perfect time to start the reiki and meditation. Sometimes when people are getting reiki, they cry to release energy, sometimes laugh or slip into a blissful relaxed state and even fall asleep if that’s what their body needs.

At the end of the facial I bring in my nursing and aesthetics background and apply a TCA peel. I love to use it in conjunction with the reiki because when the client is completely relaxed, and has relaxed their facial muscles, it is more effective in making the client look more rested and softens fine lines around the eye and mouth. When the face muscles are more relaxed it allows for more blood to flow to the skin and makes them look even more rejuvenated. Along with a lymphatic massage, it helps your body naturally depuff and drain excess water retention.

As I guide them out of the reiki meditation, I’ll apply the TCA peel, which you have to be a nurse or doctor to administer and their skin is finished looking extremely glowy and radiant the first day after. By day 3 there may be some light dryness and tightening, no one has ever peeled! On day 5 I recommend exfoliating with the KORA Organics Turmeric Mask and incorporating it into your routine 2x week which will help remove any dryness, brown spots or fine lines and allow for the rejuvenated skin to shine through for a lasting radiant glow.

Most clients get Reiki Facials every 6 weeks to recharge both their mind and skin on a routine basis.

Nousha xx

Watch Nousha’s morning facial scrub ritual with the Turmeric Brightening & Exfoliating Mask and a guided meditation in the video below:

Nousha is a celebrity skincare specialist & Reiki Master.

She specialises in custom formulations of science and beauty just for you from the inside out. Based in LA + NYC. | @rejuvenatewithnousha

Nousha Salimi

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