Kundalini Yoga With Miranda

Kundalini Yoga With Miranda

Updated on 16th April 2024 at 6:55 am

I first discovered Kundalini Yoga at the Dharma Shala yoga center in Bondi Beach, Australia when I was 18. It has been an instrumental tool in my life that continues to bring so much peace and joy.  

Kundalini is referred to as the Yoga of Awareness – the practice, founded by Yogi Bhajan, of balancing the body, mind and soul through harnessing the mental, physical and nervous energies. It assists in dealing with life’s everyday obstacles, has an uplifting effect on the spirit, and is for everyone to enjoy and benefit from.

For me, the Kundalini yoga method resonated more than other yoga practices because it’s a deeper form of meditation and connection, rather than just a physical workout. It involves movement, breathing techniques, meditation and the chanting of mantras, such as Sat Nam, meaning “truth is my identity.” You build physical vitality while also increasing consciousness, plus many other benefits such as; strengthening the nervous system, expanding lung capacity, and purifying the blood.

Through my almost two decades of practicing, I’ve found that it’s helped me develop a deeper mind/body connection, and having a daily practice has helped me remain grounded and calm despite outside noise or stress. It’s also allowed me to build and appreciate a stronger bond with myself and my loved ones.

In addition to maintaining a regular practice myself, each Sunday, Evan and I enjoy an hour Kundalini practice together. We find it’s a great way to connect, and a wonderful way to start the week ahead refreshed and revitalised.

I hope you enjoy this practice from Yogi Bhajan, Body Adjustment to Elevate the Spirit. I’d love to hear your feedback.

Sending love and light,
Miranda xxx

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30 thoughts on “Kundalini Yoga With Miranda

  1. Elizabeth Johnson

    Hello, Miranda. You are such an inspirational role model. I’ve been wanting to learn Yoga for a long time now as my occupation is quite stressful and I need time to unwind. A brilliant video, thank you. xx

  2. Natalie Alexander

    Thank you Miranda! Just finished the practice. Thanks for sharing this genuine practice with us. I hope it will help many others.

  3. Gail Siebuhr

    Hi Miranda I have tried this type of meditation but it stresses me out for some reason. While I agree that all of mind body work takes time and effort I can’t let myself get more stressed by trying. Love your work I have done Yoga for 11 years but my mindset is so hard to get in control so that thoughts don’t interrupt.

  4. Sue NEIL

    Thanks Miranda. What a lovely change to my usual Hatha or Vinyasa style yoga I normally practise. Can’t wait to try it once I recuperate from a broken wrist and I can perform downward dog! Thanks for sharing ?

  5. Raquel Caldeira

    Thank you so much for show us how you do it in a such simply way without any production… I mean it’s so real that anybody can do it follow by your amazing example. I’m really happy to receive this in this tough times for everyone.
    It’s been a long time that want to find an easy way to practice some kundalini yoga and you show us this today.:)
    I also love your home videos with tips, recipes and grocery! ✨
    I would like to request one thing, can you please share your playlist on Spotify or other App?
    Thank you thank you thank you for your sharing.
    With love

  6. Megan Geach

    Loved this! Do you do any online classes?
    I do with Guru Jagat at RAMA TV, I love it.
    Was curious what you do online.
    Cheers, Megan

  7. Karan sharma

    These are quite helpful and strong yoga asanas if done in correct way keeping the correct form my mom has been following this for 10 years now and I have been doing this for 2 months now as I have time with her to do this but now after getting into it , i feel so rejuvenated And light that I wish to continue this till I am alive ….thanks Miranda for sharing this …wish you the best …stay safe god bless.

  8. Monika Junemonique

    My lovely Miranda,

    I was alle to do your Kundalini Yoga and I was enyoing it really much.
    Now I wanted it to share with my friends and it seems removed.

    I have I been the lucky one who could join. Will you upload it again?
    I wish I could do it much more often singing with you. I loved it!

    Who was the Lady you like the singing at most, who has kind of your last name?
    While practasing I did not anything down.

    All the Sunshine to you.

  9. Marta

    Hi Miranda! I’m familiar with the practice of Kundalini Yoga as I’ve been practicing it for a while but I would love to thank you as it’s always good to practice with someone whitish more experienced… ???❤️

  10. Courtney

    This was lovely. I am not experienced in yoga but I was able to feel so good during this session. I look forward to learning more. Thank you so much for sharing with us. It was so inspiring and relaxing. We appreciate you!

  11. Hongai Zhuang

    You look like 20 years old! After 3 babies, u still look so great! I love kora products, i hope i can maintain a young look just like you do:-)

  12. Monica H

    I absolutely loved this class. I began practicing in 2015 with Kia Miller in LA. I am trying to regain my practice, and I this was a brilliant start. I will continue to practice this for many days to come. Thank you Miranda.

  13. Alice

    Absolutely a beautiful & helpful practice!
    You are such a beautiful inside & outside person! person! Thanks for sharing!
    Love it! 🙂 xox

  14. Heather

    Wow this was a new type of yoga for me and it felt good! Simple fast paced movement to get your energy flowing and mind calm. Great combination! Namaste.

  15. Aggie Sherwin

    Love the Miranda. It’s brought me calm and peace. I would like to take a kundalini yoga class somewhere here in Chicago but there aren’t many places. Anyone know of a site I can pay for online classes?
    PS. The Kora products are amazing. I Troy to eat clean and live clean. Naturally these products are perfect for me.
    Thank you??

  16. Haley Canter

    Wow, this was so beautiful. I was looking for a new daily practice and I think this might be it. Thank you for sharing xx


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