Sarah Holloway

Sarah and her partner started a creative side project in late 2014 capitalising on a gap they discovered in the health food market for matcha green tea powder. Four years on, this vibrant green superfood is one of the world’s premier health food trends and Matcha Maiden is leading the way with a growing community of over 1500 stockists including Anthropologie across the USA, Australian and US warehouses, and a very bright (green) future. In 2016, the matcha mission developed into a physical venue and cutting edge cafe, Matcha Mylkbar, which is taking the food world by storm. In 2018 Sarah launched her podcast ‘Seize the Yay’, interviewing some of the world’s most inspiring people and how they find their “yay”. Sarah now splits her time between the two businesses as well as her podcast and is thoroughly enjoying life as a full time funtrepreneur.