Never Have I Ever with Miranda & The Iconic

Never Have I Ever with Miranda & The Iconic

We love celebrating Galentine’s weekend and thought to share a fun video of Miranda playing Never Have I Ever with The Iconic for you to play with your gal-pals.

Never Have I Ever—here we go gals!

Never have I ever gone to bed without removing my make-up?

Actually, this is true! I have never gone to bed without removing my makeup because I’m crazy about taking a shower when I’ve been out. I love to wash off my makeup regardless of what time it is, or how exhausted I am.

I love our new Milky Mushroom Gentle Cleansing Oil to melt away make-up. It’s so soothing and calming for your skin and your senses.

Never have I ever left the house without moisturizing?

Well, once again, that’s something that I’ve never done. Maybe when I was a baby, yet I would have to ask my mom on that one! Since I can remember, I’ve never left the house without moisturizing, even if I’m just dropping the kids to school or going for a walk around the block.

I’m obsessed with moisturizing my face and my body. I love to feel moisturized. That is why I have created some of the best moisturizers out there. Including our incredible Turmeric Glow Moisturizer. This is the cream-de-la-cream of all moisturizers and gives your skin the most beautiful glow.

You will thank me after you using this product—and you will never leave the house without moisturizing!

Your Skin Care Routine for Hyperpigmentation KORA Organics

Never have I ever wanted to pop someone else’s pimple?

Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to pop anyone’s pimple. I’m not really into it. I like to pop my own sometimes. Not really anyone else’s though!

I have a better tip than popping your pimple: just put a little Turmeric Brightening & Exfoliating Mask on it as a spot treatment and let it dry. It will pull all the impurities out and maybe you wouldn’t even need to pop it!

Never have I ever used something on my skin I’ve regretted?

Well, I’ve had my eyebrows bleached for a job and regretted it because it burnt my skin.

It wasn’t by me though; it was for a job and it took a little while to get them back!

Never have I ever been tempted to exfoliate every day?

I do exfoliate every day because I’m obsessed with the Turmeric Brightening & Exfoliating Mask! It has natural exfoliation via little rose hip seeds and AHA exfoliation with Papaya Enzymes and Aspen Bark.

This is an all-around incredible exfoliating experience. I’m obsessed with this product. It smells so fresh and invigorating because it has essential oils of peppermint.

It’s like a facial and a tube!

You will be addicted. I’m addicted. My husband’s addicted. Pretty much everyone who’s tried this around the world is addicted. And you may then be tempted to exfoliate every day too.

Never have I ever tried a beauty hack I’ve seen on TikTok?

Honestly, I don’t really follow trends or TikTok for that matter.

Maybe if it was on Snapchat!

Never have I ever made a KORA Organics product that I didn’t like?

This is true. I have never made a product that I didn’t like because I put my whole heart and soul into creating the products that I absolutely love.

I don’t want to launch them until they’re more than a hundred percent. I sometimes drive my team crazy because I go back and forth with samples.

And I just feel so lucky that we work with the best chemist in the business to really help bring my vision to life.

Our products go through so many testing phases—through stability testing, testing on me, consumer studies and now clinical trials with some of our newest products. Which is so exciting!

I put my whole heart and soul into all of our products and can say wholeheartedly that I have never launched a product that I’m not more than a hundred percent happy with.

Never have I ever sent a Snapchat to the wrong person?

Nope, I think I have. I might have accidentally almost sent it to the wrong person, or almost posted a private picture, to my story. That could be a little embarrassing, but I actually haven’t done it.

Never have I ever had an embarrassing dream about someone?

Yeah, of course I’ve had embarrassing dreams about someone, but I’m not going to share those with you. So, you’re just going to have to wonder.

Never have I ever snuck something cheeky in my cup of tea?

Me? No, never.

Just kidding.

There have been times when I’ve had a little champagne in my teacup.

It’s about balance: 80% healthy, 20% indulgent. A little champagne, never hurt anyone.

Never have I ever slid into another celebrity’s DMS?

Well, yes, I have multiple times.

I DM many people to say: “Hey, would you like me to send you some KORA products?”

And 99.999999% of people say: “Yeah, thank you. I would love that.”

It’s a wonderful way to get my products out there. So yeah, I have, and I’ll continue to!

Well, that was fun!

Much love,

Miranda xxx


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