A Galentine’s Guide to Contouring with Miranda & Hrush

A Galentine’s Guide to Contouring with Miranda & Hrush

Hrush Achemyan, a celebrity make-up artist, says contouring is all about “creating facial bone structure.”

In this video, Hrush teaches Miranda how to elegantly accentuate her facial features by blending both shadow and highlight. She also drops her “obsession” with our Turmeric Glow, and why she chooses moisturizer-over-primer for a flawless finish.

Watch the full episode for tools & tips to contour with your gals this Galentine’s weekend!

Skin Preparation with KORA Organics

Hursh says: “I am absolutely obsessed with the Turmeric Moisturizer. It is the perfect finish and a great foundation for your makeup.”

We also love our glow-tool for this reason, and suggest the following routine when prepping any make-up routine:

·      Cleanse with Milky Mushroom Gentle Cleansing Oil

·      Exfoliate with Turmeric Brightening & Exfoliating Mask

·      Brighten with Noni Bright Vitamin C Serum

·      Prime with Turmeric Glow Moisturizer

·      Nourish with Noni Glow Face Oil.



HRUSH TIP: With a foundation brush in one hand, place a little cream foundation on the back of your hand. Apply a little at a time, gliding the cream over your skin to get a glossy base layer, to then contour over the top.

I use concealer after I contour because I only want to use a small amount. I used to do it the other way around, but I ended up putting on way more concealer than was needed.


Contouring with Color AKA Shadow

HRUSH TIP: Pick up the color with a brush and tap it on the back of my hand—so you don’t get too much product. You want to achieve a sun-kissed look. Start by applying the color across the forehead, dabbing it on freely. 

Then draw gently under the jaw line gently. You can bring it up towards the ear if you like too, depending on your face shape. Take a small pencil brush and apply in lines on each side of the nose, to accentuate your bone structure. If you don’t feel like putting on eyeshadow, you can add the color to the crease of your eye here too.

And then blend it out with a brush or sponge. 

Watch the video for technique, product and color recommendations!


Contouring with Concealer AKA Highlight

HRUSH TIP: Now we add highlights with concealer. You’re not doing it to conceal; you’re doing it for color.

Take your sponge and add in upward strokes from the middle of the brows up, and out towards the forehead. Apply gently under the eyes, and then very lightly down the bridge of the nose with a straight line. The thinner you make this line, the more pinched your nose will look.

I like to add a dot of concealer on the inner corners of each eye to give the optical illusion of lifting.

Blush & Cheeks

HRUSH TIP: For a fresh glowing look on the cheeks I like to use liquid blush.

Your blush placement is up to you, but I like to place two dots of liquid blush along the cheekbone, under the eye and then blend in a circular motion. There’s no need to blend it perfectly as next we will add a little more concealer where we placed it initially.

You can then blend the concealer and blush in lightly, so it melts into your skin.

I like to also add a little blush on the eyelids too!

Powder & Luminizer

HRUSH TIP: I like a little shimmer in my setting powder. Applying just a touch of powder under the eyes and down the bridge of my nose so it brightens my skin. Again, remember to dab excess product off the brush onto the back of your hand.

I also like to take like a liquid illuminator pencil and place a dot on the inner corner of each eye, very lightly, to brighten the look.

And I like to spritz over the top with the Minty Mineral Hydration Mist.


Brows, Eyes & Lips

HRUSH TIP: To fix my brows I brush them first and lightly draw the shape of the brow. You can curl your natural lashes or add false lashes as you choose.

When adding a red lip, make sure it is done well, or not done at all. That’s my rule! Start by drawing your real lip line and then color in the whole lip with a pencil. I like to think of it as insurance to make the color stay longer. Finish with a red lipstick that suits your mood.

Happy love weekend with your gals!

KORA Organics xx

Image Credits @styledbyhrush


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