Create A Celebrity Makeup Look | Hung Vanngo & Miranda

Create A Celebrity Makeup Look | Hung Vanngo & Miranda

Updated on 23rd December 2023 at 8:30 am

Miranda and her long-time friend & celebrity makeup artist, Hung Vanngo, created a beautiful natural-ish makeup look together for his YouTube channel.

See below a step-by-step breakdown of how to achieve the look!

I want to share with you an effortless and elegant look for 2022 that I have recently done on Miranda. We’ve done many different looks together but this one is about soft eyes and cheeks—with a pop of color on the lips.

Before we begin, I would like to go into detail about how prepare the skin to create a flawless canvas for your makeup. Whenever I work with Miranda, she always educates me on skin care and the ingredients in her products. So, I wanted to spend a bit more time on how to prepare the skin before we apply any make-up.

Skin Prep

To begin prepping the skin, the first product I use is lip balm. I like to let it generously sit on the lips for a little while before we apply any lip color.

Then I use the Noni Bright Vitamin C Serum. I think Vitamin C is fantastic for using under your make-up, and underneath your sunscreen. It really helps to brighten the skin and helps with pigmentation too.

Next, I’m going to use some Noni Radiant Eye Oil, this is also one of my favorites as I think it helps to really hydrate the eye area. As we use eyeshadow and eyeliner in this area, and we rub the skin a lot when applying, I think it’s a good idea to really hydrate the skin beforehand.

And the last product I’m going to use is the Turmeric Glow Moisturizer. I’ve been using this myself for a while, and I know Katy Perry is a huge fan too. She loves it!

Depuff the Skin

I am going to give a little face massage to de-puff the skin. I like to use a lot of moisturizer to massage in with the Rose Quartz Heart Face Sculptor. I used this on Selena Gomez too one time, and she loved it.

Applying with firm strokes along the jaw line, cheekbones, and massaging all angles of the face; as well as the neck. This is the easiest way for you to depuff the skin. You don’t have any of those fancy machines. This is very affordable and it’s easy for you to use. It’s the best way I know to give the skin a little massage and wake up the skin with a firm lymphatic drainage technique.

This gives a flawless look once you apply your foundation. You can always blot with a tissue if you feel it’s a little too much moisture.


Miranda really takes care of her skin and doesn’t need heavy foundation. She needs a little color where her pigmentation sits. I am not using color corrector as it can look “cakey,” I prefer to use foundation alone.

It’s important to maintain the aesthetic of a natural look by using a little bit of product at a time, and then blending it in. I like to use a foundation brush as it helps to give better coverage and spread the product out without looking too heavy.

A good tip for covering pigmentation is to press it anywhere you see pigmented marks, and then glide it over the skin anywhere you do not. It gives a nice even cover.


 A little concealer is good under the eye area. I am using a cream concealer foundation on Miranda, to give a little more cover.

You can use your finger, or use a brush, to blend it together. I like to use a concealer that is a lighter shade than the foundation is, as I like the eye area to be a little brighter.

Loose Powder

I use a little loose powder to set the foundation and concealer. Apply down the center of the face, gently and lightly, keeping it subtle and natural.


For this look I am going to use a little bronzer to frame the face. I prefer to use bronzer softly to add dimension to the face—rather than contouring—especially when you are wearing both concealer and foundation.

My suggestion us to gently tap the brush either side, flat on the product. Not swirling it around and digging into the surface of the product too much. That way you get a just a little amount to gently add color to the face, sweeping down the cheekbone, and up over the forehead.


Using an eyebrow pencil, I like to extend the eyebrow a little. The longer the brow—the better it frames the face. I like to then fill in the eyebrow, filling in any little gaps for a fuller brow.


I’m known for using a lot of blush. I love it to soften and lighten the face. I think it’s so beautiful!

I also like to use a cream blush that’s a softer shade that I will use on the lips. Gliding over the cheekbone for a really pretty look.


When it comes to adding highlight to the face, I like to use a soft color. I love the Rose Quartz Luminizer for this reason. I add it over the high cheekbone, on the top of the nose, and on the cupid’s bow.

It’s a really beautiful luminizer as it is not overly sparkly, and it melts into the skin. Sometimes luminizer can look too glittery but this one is very subtle and elegant.

Eye Liner, Shadow & Shimmer

I don’t want a heavy eye make-up for this look, so I’m using two different products: a dark taupe fine eyeliner and a shadow pencil also in a taupe shade.

Firstly, and very finely, draw the top outline of the eye with the eyeliner. It’s not about darkening the eye—just defining the lash line.

And then for shadow, draw along the lash line blending the shadow very subtly; I love the idea of using a little pencil for eyeshadow. I like to add a little shadow along the crease of the lid too for definition. I then use a blending brush to keep everything very soft and appear effortless.

For a little more radiance, I like to add a little bit of luminizer in the corners of each eye, and a little dab on the lids too. It really looks amazing!


As Miranda has curly lashes naturally, I do not need to curl her lashes. But I do like to add mascara to both her top and bottom eyelashes, again keeping the look light and well defined.


The lips are the feature of this look. I like to add a little color to the look with a lip brush. You can use directly from the tube as well though if you prefer. Personally, I use a thicker brush as it gets right into the corner of the lips.

And that’s the final look—an effortless and natural look with soft eyes and blush, and a pop of color for the lips!

Thank you so much, please watch the video for more specific techniques and for all the products I use too.


Makeup artist Hung Vanngo has an uncompromising devotion to both the art and beauty of fashion. His captivating work has appeared in the pages of Allure, Elle, Interview, I-D, Italian Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Instyle, Glamour, Marie Claire, Vogue and W. 

Hung’s talent for creating face that nite pure beauty with an avant garde aesthetic has made him a go-to source for many of fashion’s most prestigious designers and brands.  

Hung has also worked with a roster of beautiful faces including Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Lopez, Julianne Moore, Katy Perry, Gwyneth Paltrow, Amy Adams, Rose Byrne, Elizabeth Olsen, Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen, Kate Bosworth, Emily Ratajkowski, Gisele Bundchen & Miranda Kerr.



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