How To Decode Your Dreams

How To Decode Your Dreams

I’ve often said that a dream is like an onion, it has many layers all of which are important and are part of the whole. When decoding a dream, follow the same principle. Always remember, however, that it’s more important to wake up and interpret by delving into the emotion you felt than it is to investigate the images that you remember seeing. The emotion that you feel is a far better indicator of what the symbol you saw represents.

Let’s go back to the idea of an onion. The first layer of your dream may be all about what you just watched on television, listened to in a podcast or read online. If you go to bed after watching an action movie, you are certainly going to have a different dream than if you went to bed watching a romantic comedy. The first layers of your dream can be easily explained in this manner.

These layers also contain elements of what you ate and what you experienced during the day. If you fall asleep after eating a pepperoni pizza and downing a beer you are going to experience a very different dream than you would if you went to bed after drinking a warm cup of camomile tea. Allow for these circumstances before you delve deeper.

The next layer may be about manufacturing memory, you simply want to remember important situations that occurred during the day: who can be trusted and who cannot, what you did right and what you wouldn’t wish to repeat! At this level you also come to terms with what you feel guilty about and what you want to pat yourself on the back for. In these dreams you get to resolve the conflicts between what you believe is right and wrong.

Going deeper to the next level, we begin to work out what is the personal message that you need to make yourself aware of through your dream. What it is that your subconscious has alerted you to that you must consider in your waking life. We are at the core of the onion and perhaps the most profound part of our dreams. At the core we were able to download information that empowers our waking life and creates a better version of ourselves than what was available before we went to sleep.

I encourage you to look at each level when you wish to decode your dream. On some occasions it’s only a surface level dream, there is no more to it, on others, it’s a great opportunity to get to the core of your current challenges and overcome them through the insights that you have experienced while you’ve been sleeping.


Dream on my friends,

Leon Nacson is the Managing Director of Hay House Australia. He is the author of a number of books that specialise in dream decoding. Leon regularly contributes to international magazines, radio programs, television shows and podcasts. Leon’s work in the field of dream interpretation and decoding are personal hypotheses that have been critiqued by his audience for over 50 years. His current International Bestseller, A Stream of Dreams has been translated into four languages.

*Leon Nacson does not dispense medical advice or other professional advice or prescribe the use of any techniques as a form of diagnosis. Readers should consult their own health advisors for professional advice. His intent is only to offer information of an anecdotal and general nature.

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Image: Miranda Kerr with Louise Hay and Leon Nacson


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