Common Dreams Many Of Us Will Have

Common Dreams Many Of Us Will Have

Updated on 16th July 2020 at 9:30 am

We’re all familiar with the term ‘collective consciousness’. All humans instinctively understand the feelings of love, loss, success and safety. Being part of a collective consciousness also gives us the ability to experience similar dreams.

There are many dream experiences that we all experience at one point or another. Here I will explain some of the most common dreams that form part of our collective consciousness: dreams of flying, falling, losing your teeth, being chased, examinations, infidelity and celebrities!!


At some point in our dream lives, we are fortunate enough to have the experience of flying. This usually occurs when we need our mood to be uplifted, inspired by an injection of exhilaration. Zooming around like an eagle offers us a better perspective on any challenges that we are facing as we are getting an eagle-eyed, bird’s eye view of the whole picture. There is also a sense of freedom when we are not governed by gravity or things that otherwise weigh us down. Flying gives us a feeling of liberation!


It’s impossible to fall if you are fully supported. The next time you dream that you are free-falling try to remember the surroundings or scenario just before you began to fall. This will give you an insight into where in your waking like you currently feel unsupported. Were you at your place of work and therefore you feel unsupported professionally? Was it at home and you may feel a lack of support from your family? Or perhaps it was around a social occasion where you may feel on the outs like you are not supported by your friends? Upon awakening, try to remember that you have the resources to handle any or all of those situations and recognise that, even though it would be nice to get more support, you are resilient enough to excel and succeed all on your own!


In many cultures, it is believed to be a bad omen to see teeth falling out in your dreams. I can assure you that in most cases it’s simply the fact that you’ve not been to your dental check-up and the meaning is clear – you have a toothache! We create scenarios to keep us asleep and, rather than wake up because of the recurring pain of a throbbing tooth, we incorporate the pain into our dream, dreaming that the tooth is either falling out or is being extracted. If after visiting your dentist everything is fine, then you may consider that the teeth falling out represents a loss of face. You may have been embarrassed or put into an awkward position which manifests itself in a dream as losing your smile! Fortunately for us, we always have the ability to move on and create many more smiles.

Being Chased

It’s very disconcerting to feel you are being followed, stalked or chased in a dream. The first thing to do is to explore the emotion associated with the dream. Next, consider whether it’s an aspect of your own personality that is pursuing you and trying its hardest to catch up to you. Everyone and everything has a shadow, they follow us everywhere. We easily accept our bright and lovable side yet are not so accommodating to our darker side. Upon waking from a dream where you are being chased or followed, take a moment and ask yourself: what part of me am I not accepting, embracing or coming to terms with? Once you come to terms with this aspect, you will feel the euphoria of self-acceptance.


Being tested can be very stressful. We all have memories of being back at school and having to sit an examination to prove that we had been listening all year! If you dream you’re sitting an exam as an adult it’s usually because you feel that you are under the microscope, either at work or in your personal relationships. Upon awakening, try to recall how you’ve passed every examination through preparation, study and hard work. Apply the same principle to the challenge that you are currently facing. If you are still attending a school, college or university then the same applies, create a plan, work through it and remember that you are capable of overcoming any obstacles!


The first thing to remember is that there is no such thing as a ‘thought crime’ especially in a dream. If you experience an inappropriate situation in a dream, it’s important not to feel guilty about what has occurred or who was in the dream. Upon awakening, ask yourself this, why do I want to be more ‘familiar’ with the individual in the dream? It may be simply that you have a desire to become closer, more empathetic and loving to the individual and that you’d like to count them as a close friend or part of your inner circle. If this reasoning satisfies you then there’s no further analysis required.

If you’re not satisfied with that simple explanation then deeper analysis is required. It may be as simple as there’s a trait or a skill that that individual has that you yourself want to be intimate with. For example, you may see yourself in the dream with someone who has a humorous, extroverted personality, that may be the trait you wish to engender in your personality. It’s not the person you desire, it’s their traits. If you find it hard to balance your finances, you may see yourself in an intimate situation with your accountant. You have no desire for this person, however, they represent an ability that you wish you had intimate knowledge of: the ability to balance the books. Always look for what skills the person you are with has that would be useful to you in your waking life. I encourage you to keep exploring and delve deeper until you have a satisfactory answer.


We often wake up wondering why a certain celebrity, well-known person or historical figure has entered into our dreams. It’s often not the person that is the object of our desire, it’s more what that individual represents to us. For example, if you dreamt that you were with Arnold Schwarzenegger, could it mean that you wish to successfully change careers like  Arnold who went from body-builder to action star to Governor of California and back to being an action star again! Each time the changing career brought greater success. If Danny DeVito appears in your dream then it could mean you do not want to be judged by your looks, shape or size like Danny who is a megawatt superstar in a compact frame. Finally, if you dream of Angelina Jolie, you may have the feeling that you are being judged on your looks alone and yet, you want to also be recognised for your intelligence, altruism and your ability to make a contribution to serious social justice issues. It’s important to ask yourself what the celebrity represents to you. Do they have a particular trait or personality that you wish to perhaps eradicate or hopefully a positive attribute that you wish to develop and nurture in your waking life?

Let me encourage you to embark on a journey of self-discovery through your dreams!

Dream on, my friends

Leon Nacson is the Managing Director of Hay House Australia. He is the author of a number of books that specialise in dream decoding. Leon regularly contributes to international magazines, radio programs, television shows and podcasts. Leon’s work in the field of dream interpretation and decoding are personal hypotheses that have been critiqued by his audience for over 50 years. His current International Bestseller, A Stream of Dreams has been translated into four languages.

*Leon Nacson does not dispense medical advice or other professional advice or prescribe the use of any techniques as a form of diagnosis. Readers should consult their own health advisors for professional advice. His intent is only to offer information of an anecdotal and general nature.


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