What’s in a Number?

What’s in a Number?

Your address is the key to your castle. Matching the perfect house number with your personality trait, gives you the WOW factor. Knowing what your house number means is the key to personal nirvana. To figure out your house number, add the numbers of your address until they reduce into a single digit.


Is a house for new beginnings.

When you move into a #1 house chances are you are making changes in your life or are being pulled into new projects, new endeavours, new businesses, or a new family. Because we are talking about the #1, this is a house that is difficult to hold the energy of a relationship. It is better suited to live alone and focus on yourself. A great place to fire up your reputation and get noticed.

If you live in a #1 house, make sure you get out and about.


Is perfect for relationships.

If you live in a #2 house, you will find yourself in sync with your mate, spouse, or partner. This is a great house to start a new relationship or rekindle an existing one. Be careful not to insulate yourself too much because you might find you have little need for outsiders. Make sure to invite friends over and entertain. Share your love and happiness with others.

If you live in a #2 house, make sure to get out and socialize.


Is a house full of creativity.

This is a house that brings out the artist in all of us; where creativity soars. Go ahead and designate a space for an art studio, performing stage, or a music room. Creativity comes in many forms, so if you live in a #3 house, it is calling out for you to honor your creative side.

If you live in a #3 house have fun, but don’t get too far out.


Is a house for someone with star quality who is out and about.

This house is stable and balanced and best suited for a famous person, someone in the limelight. A perfect retreat from the pressures of public life or a life being the front man of your business or career, this house provides a much needed reprise from the crowds. It holds the energy for stability and security. 

If you live in a #4 house it will keep you stable; a great place for someone on the rise.


Is a house for jet set world travelers who love to entertain.

Like the fingers on your hand, #5 is a handful. This is a house full of life and energy. People will be coming and going and you will too. Every day is exciting in a #5 house so be prepared for plenty of spontaneous parties and unusual adventures.

If you live in a #5 house be ready for parties and entertaining or traveling the world.


Is a house for those who are of service to others.

This is the perfect place for doctors, lawyers, healers, hair dressers, designers, or massage therapists. Anyone who dedicates their life to serving others will benefit greatly from the positive and loving energy of this type of house. Be careful not to give and give because you will get drained and have nothing left for yourself.

If you live in a #6 house take time to give to yourself and recharge your own battery and enthusiasm for life.

Anita Rosenberg


Is a house full of spirituality.

This is a house that brings out the spiritual contemplative side to people. It is also the most challenging numbered house for prosperity because it is about things that money can’t buy. People living in this house concentrate more on spirituality and less on material abundance. Think: contemplation, inner strength, and spiritual enlightenment. This is a good house for Buddha statues, a Zen garden, Koi pond, or meditation room. 

If you live in a #7 house, your world will be filled with spirit.


Is the best house for prosperity and gaining material wealth.

In Chinese culture, #8 is the number of wealth. If you are lucky enough to live in this house, money will be easier to draw towards you. It will also be easier to hold that money in. This is an excellent house for financial rewards. Keep in mind that the old saying is true; money cannot buy happiness. Stay balanced and try not to focus on material gains to excess.

If you live in a #8 house it will be easier for you to hold in your wealth.


Is the ultimate number because it holds the energy of all the other numbers.

If you add up all the other numbers and reduce them to a single digit you get #9. This is the highest number in humanitarianism, so it is a wonderful house to live in. It tends to be a balanced environment and you will be prone to thinking on a higher level and be able to reach once considered unattainable goals. The energy of this house will allow you to complete things and resolve old issues.

If you live in a #9 house it will assist you in reaching unattainable goals.

Anita xx

Anita Rosenberg is the go-to Expert on Feng Shui in Los Angeles, Aspen and New York City. An award-winning author and International speaker, with nearly 20 years of experience, her passion is helping people through Feng Shui, BaZi Chinese Astrology and Qi Men. Anita is Miranda’s personal Cosmic Coach and a regular contributor to our Spread the Light blog.


*All images in this blog post are courtesy of Anita Rosenberg.


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