January 25th, 2020 launches the Chinese New Year of the Geng Zi or Metal Rat and it’s going to be an exciting roller coaster of ups and downs, twists and turns. If you crave challenges and an adrenaline rush, this is the year for you. I am excited to help you navigate using Animal Signs from BaZi Chinese Astrology.

Metal Rat combines water and metal which brings anxiety and emotional drama. To overcome the tears and depression, focus on your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well-being. Be more adaptable. Dig deeper to discover your true purpose. Improve your talents and offer more value in everything. Develop networking skills and connect with people who are worthwhile. Create a clear plan and work that plan.

For a personal forecast, we look to the Animal Signs in a birth chart. Each astrology sign comes with positive and negative yearly stars giving us a roadmap. Similar to the constellations in the sky, these stars trigger powerful Qi.

Note that everyone may have up to four different animal signs based on birth dates and times. See sidebar to determine your hour, month and year (day animal signs can only be calculated using a complex system by an expert.)

Born Month of the Rat: December 7 – January 6
Born Hour of the Rat: Between 11pm – 12:59am

With the Duke’s Arrival Star everyone will be looking at you. You attract a lot of attention and could become famous overnight and go viral. Make sure you send out the right message. Be mindful of your diet. Sign up for wellness programs to stay healthy and balanced.

Best Advice: Life is too short to be negative or selfish. Notice all the good fortune you have had in your life. Instead of rushing to do all your tasks, take things one at a time. A slower pace will ensure the negative stars won’t affect you this year.

Born Month of the Ox: January 6 – February 3
Born Hour of the Ox: Between 1am – 2:59am

The Sun Noble Star requires you to be of service to others. When you make a positive different in other people’s lives, you receive an abundance of Good Karma. Be careful not to offend women and apologize if you cross lines. Keep interactions harmonious.

Best Advice: Expect an overall positive year bringing a wealth of knowledge and pleasant experiences. A positive and focused mind will get you the love and support you need. Focus on the positive aspects in life and be aligned with love.

Born Month of the Tiger: February 4 – March 5
Born Hour of the Tiger: Between 3am – 4:49am

There is potential to travel extensively for your career or education with Sky Horse Star. Connect to other cultures. Brighten someone’s day through a local charity. Boost your immune system by being picky with your food choices and approaching a healthier lifestyle.

Best Advice: You will have good luck with money-making opportunities. Adapt an attitude of gratitude. You may feel lonely and cope with health problems involving family members. Push obstacles away with love and kindness.

Born Month of the Rabbit: March 6 – April 4
Born Hour of the Rabbit: Between 5am – 6:59am

If single, Red Matchmaker Star could bring love at first sight. If married, avoid temptations or improve your current connection. If not looking for love, use this energy to attract new customers or build your fan base. If you wish to get ahead, it’s all about who you know.

Best Advice: Rabbit in 2020 is all about relationships. If you make wise choices, it can be a good year. Meeting more people brings new opportunities.

Born Month of the Dragon: April 5 – May 5
Born Hour of the Dragon: Between 7am – 8:59am

Elegant Seal Star brings a good year if you are in sales and marketing. Show off your artistic side. Illuminate the eccentric and strange parts of yourself. If looking for a promotion, this may be the year. Choose which doors to go through as many will be wide open.

Best Advice: You will have a unique journey of challenges, but if you shift your way of thinking you have the power to turn the tides in your favor. Focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Born Month of the Snake: May 6 – June 5
Born Hour of the Snake: Between 9am – 10:59am

With Monthly Virtue Star you can expect support. Even when things seem doomed and gloomy, keep an open mind and heart. Keep all passwords safe to avoid financial theft. Make good choices to realize your goals.

Best Advice: You will be presented with many opportunities to find a silver lining in every situation. Good luck will come to you in the form of support and new relationships. Take time to meditate on your daily blessings.

Born Month of the Horse: June 6 – July 6
Born Hour of the Horse: Between 11am – 12:59pm

Sky Cry Star attracts a roller coaster of emotions. You may be too fixated on doing things your own way. Stay open-minded. Handle money wisely and do not hoard it. Check the weather before traveling as you may get stuck in a hurricane or massive flood.

Best Advice: Aim to be more patient because everything will fall into place. Shift your focus to helping others and life will be more meaningful. Balance your emotions, prepare to work hard and be flexible.

Born Month of the Goat: July 7 – August 7
Born Hour of the Goat: Between 1pm – 2:59pm

Jade Hall Star is one of the 4 wealth stars so expect superior wealth luck. Expect promotions, extra income, and overall success. You have an extra edge on problem solving. Vibrate love out and you will receive it in return.

Best Advice: See every situation as a blessing that was put on your path to help you become a better version of yourself. It’s time to live a heart-based life and discover your passions and go after your dreams.

Born Month of the Monkey: August 8 – September 7
Born Hour of the Monkey: Between 3pm -4:59pm

Be careful who you share personal information with and who you trust with Sky Warrior Star. Malicious gossip and rumor comes with Back Poking Star. Avoid dangerous sports and no drinking and driving.

Best Advice: Great year to grow through challenges. You might not be able to change the direction of the wind, but you can adjust your sails to get where you need to go.

Born Month of Rooster: September 8 – October 8
Born Hour of Rooster: Between 5pm – 6:59pm

Mentors and helpful people arrive with the Nobleman Star. Good tidings and fun gatherings. If single, reach out and connect to find someone special. Good year to get married. If married, avoid temptations and spend more time with your significant other.

Best Advice: Expect a smooth year. Become the light to others which will bring you happiness and fulfillment. Activate good memories, build long term relationships and progress professionally.

Born Month of Dog: October 9 – November 7
Born Hour of Dog: Between 7pm – 8:59pm

Eight Seats Star is about learning new things with. A portal opens to receive unexpected opportunities. Expose your talents and skills on social media. Watch for water-related accidents.

Best Advice: Remain positive through tribulations and trials. You can’t control everything so embrace adversity and dig in to drive positive outcomes. The harder you work the more rewarding in the end.

Born Month of Pig: November 8 – December 6
Born Hour of Pig: Between 9pm – 10:59pm

Intelligence Star gives you an edge over everyone. Be more forgiving and resolve issues with loved ones. Write down things as your memory will cause you to make mistakes. Balance your health regime so you don’t fall sick.

Best Advice: Expect a great year ahead in terms of wealth and learning. You may be enjoying life one moment, and then fighting over trivial matters the next. Think about what you want out of life and shift your focus.

Anita Rosenberg has been the go-to expert for Chinese Metaphysics in Hollywood, Aspen and New York for the past nineteen years. As one of the few female directors in Hollywood during her previous life, Anita understands how to direct you to be the star of yours.

Anita is Miranda Kerr’s personal Cosmic Coach and a regular contributor to Miranda’s Spread the Light blog. She helps you focus on your goals and discover your voice so you can put yourself on center-stage in 2020!

For more in-depth information and to schedule a private BaZi Chinese Astrology consultation among other New Year services, contact Anita – or on Instagram at @AnitaRosenbergStudio.


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  1. Helen

    I just love the Chinese zodiac meanings and wish everyone a happy year of the rat! More on astrology and astrological teachings please! Xx

    1. Anita

      Thanks Helen – I also did short videos on my YT channel if you are interested. Sending blessings for a fabulous 2020.


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