Your 2018 BaZi Horoscope

Your 2018 BaZi Horoscope

As another Chinese New Year begins, so does another cycle of Chinese Astrology personalized to your birth year. Known as a BaZi Astrology chart, this ancient astrological divinatory system is fortuitous a snapshot of your life’s journey—denoting personal facts about your nature, gifts, and opportunities—as well as obstacles and crossroads to be aware of. We’ve reached out to Miranda’s go-to expert on the subject, and friend—Anita Rosenberg—to share with us her insights for the year to come. Simply find your year of birth in the below diagram, and the corresponding insight, for your DIY horoscope. The Animal Signs in a BaZi Chinese Astrology chart give a snapshot of how the year will personally play out so we can make smart game plans. Aside from a few minor issues, 2018 promises to be happy. You can solve other people’s problems and be useful. Build up your resources in 2018. This is your year to meet new and interesting people. This could also be the year of love at first sight if you are single. If you are married your bond will be stronger. You will be more valuable in 2018 with strong potential to accumulate wealth and advance your career. You have the Midas touch and will receive help from women in your life. Be careful of miscommunications and hurting others feelings with careless words. Possible gossip may put your reputation at stake. Welcome your good fortune with open arms. The only thing that can hold you back this year is you. You might have big dreams but nothing happens if you don’t take action. This year is about relationships. Either you find them or they find you. You can be very influential this year on Instagram because you may gain thousands of followers. Spend me-time to recharge your battery. Stay positive and this could be a great year of happiness for you. You can be on the top of your game in 2018 surrounded by generous and supportive people. Be on the lookout for lucrative investments in property. Pursue all your goals this year.  Watch your words and actions. Do not push yourself over your limits.  As you focus on career and social network do not neglect family. A family member may require your attention or suffer a health condition so pay extra care. Your personal net worth can increase in 2018. Helpful people will arrive at the right time to assist you. Keep your eyes open. You will have opportunities to showcase your talent and get noticed. Ignore malicious lies or envy and stay focused on your work. A healthy lifestyle will be important, see a doctor the moment you suspect something is wrong. A lot of social events and parties will be on your agenda. You may put on weight but will be happy. It will be a trying time so find the inner strength to overcome challenges both personal and professional. Maintain the right mind-set. Be careful because what you spend could outpace your income. Budget carefully. This is your year to acquire new skills and learn something new. Do something with this new knowledge to make money or you will waste it. Everyone will pay attention to you in 2018. Your work will be seen. It’s good for artists and those in the creative fields because you will gain attention. Budget yourself and spend money wisely so you don’t get into financial problems. Health issues in the form of stress and possibly depression can arise. Tackle obstacles and have a good attitude in general and this will be super helpful. Expect to be surrounded by abundance, love, and support in 2018. You can be swept off your feet by a social whirlwind; invitations to gatherings and events. Don’t be shy to ask for more friends on social media. The glitz and glamour may temp you to overstretch yourself and lose track of your finances. Budget and be careful of reckless spending. It will be a year of fun, laughter and good times. Tiger will be a bumpy road in 2018. Wealth and success can be expected but will not be handed on a silver platter. Obstacles will test you. If you own a business expect profit margins to increase. Resentful people and those who are jealous will try to bring you down. Legal issues may come up. Strain of juggling a flourishing career can cause emotional distress. Stay positive. In 2018 you may suddenly be more popular. You can go viral. Pick up a new skill set or improve what you already know. Be more social and meet new people, they might surprise you. There is a heightened risk of accidents and injuries, especially around water so just be careful. Pay attention to elderly family members. They will need extra support. Any negatives in 2018 will turn positive for you. The previous year was so exciting that 2018 leaves you exhausted and burnt out. Slow down and recharge. Review, examine and change your lifestyle to encourage healthy balance. Health is wealth and if your health suffers you will not be able to enjoy the fruits of your labors. You care about how others see you, but you also have to look after yourself. You might feel a little lonely and isolated. Work on improving yourself. By the end of 2018, you will be renewed and refreshed. Turbulent times and challenges create the ability for opportunities and personal growth. You may take one step back every time you take two steps forward. If planning to expand business or take on large scale projects make sure to consider all possible situations and have sufficient resources to cover all scenarios. You may dream bigger then is realistic for you at this time. Review goals and ambitions. Live in the moment and enjoy the little things in 2018.

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“I have opened the portal to a more spiritual way of being in the world

and there’s no going back only forward.”

-Anita Rosenberg

Director of Destiny, Anita Rosenberg is a former filmmaker of cult classic chick flicks “Assault of the Killer Bimbos” and “Modern Girls.” She is the go-to Expert on Feng Shui and BaZi Chinese Astrology in Los Angeles, Aspen and New York City. An award-winning author and International speaker, Anita’s high-profile clients confide she is fun to work with and watches your back.



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