Lunar New Year | Water Tiger

Lunar New Year | Water Tiger

It’s that time of the year again for the Chinese New Year Forecast and I am excited to share what’s on the horizon as well as what actions to take for a fruitful and accomplished year ahead. While February 1, 2022 marks the Lunar New Year, February 4, 2022 launches the transition to the Solar Year of the Ren Yin or Water Tiger—according to the Chinese solar calendar. The theme for 2022 is Spiritual Growth and Alignment.

8 Things to Maximize Capacity for 2022

This is the year to search deep within at your abilities and encourage yourself to acknowledge your strengths and accent your faults and weaknesses. Treat yourself kindly. Self-validation brings happiness not based on the approval of others. Stop browsing for inspiration and start studying for exact instruction to realize your full potential. Here are 8 ways to maximize your capacity. You don’t have to do all 8, just pick one and work on that and you will be more in your flow for success and happiness in 2022. 

1 Maximize Your Energy

When you expand energy and emit a strong daily vibration, you are more excited about your day. When you know what gets you up in the morning and look forward to your lifethis puts you in a power position. Maximizing your energy is where you want to focus. Fear and suspicion take over when energy is low. Doubt takes over. You sell, influence, negotiate better when your energy is high. Love openly and love kindly.

Maximize Your Mind

Every mind has its limits. Identity is the ego and this can create barriers. The inner dialogue that holds you back can be telling you limitationsyou are too old, not smart enough, too young, etc. Your mind can be restricted by your identitywho you think you are. The secret is to grow your identity to a higher level.

Maximize Time

Every hour, you want to do something productive that adds to your success and happiness. Time management is important. What gets scheduled gets done. You might need to take things off your calendar and prioritize correctly. This will make it easier to multi-task and all successful people know how to multi-task without stress.

Maximize Money

Look to see if every dollar is working hard for you. Are you financially planning? Use your money in a productive way for every aspect of your life from paying your bills, to learning new things, having fun, and making investments. Just saving money is not a business plan.

Maximize Skills

Add new skills like speaking, teaching, music, and money managing. Figure out what you must develop and master that to make 2022 a better year.

Maximize Helpful People

Everyone needs to ask and obtain help. You might need to find sponsors or raise funds. Build a team this year. Helpful People are needed in every business and career to help you rise to the top of your game.

Maximize Current Resources

There may be many things you already have that you are not taking full advantage of as resources. Maybe you need to use your phone more like the apps for podcasting or YT videos. You might need to maximize your contacts. See what you already have available that you can maximize for your career and business.

Maximize Physical Wellness

If you tire too quickly and are drained, you have already lost the game. Those who are often sick do not perform at their best. Maintaining a healthy mind and body is going to get you through the 2022 year that still has kept the doom of Pandemic illness looming. Keep your immune system strong to avoid getting sick and staying healthy.

Anita Rosenberg is a global consultant helping people reach their wealth potential and improve their business and personal relationships. She is the go-to expert in Hollywood for Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology with over twenty years of experience in Chinese Metaphysics.

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