Women Uplifting Women

Women Uplifting Women

International Women’s Day is a time to celebrate and acknowledge women and their contributions toward making the world a better place.

As a female-founded brand, the importance of empowering women to be the best version of themselves has been one of our core values since the inception of KORA Organics. 

That’s why Miranda and the KORA Team are shining a light on four inspiring women in business. 

Since women deserve more than just one day of celebration, we’re highlighting these female leaders all month long! 

Follow along as we shine a light on inspirational ladies who use their voices and businesses to encourage and empower others. 

By uplifting these four women in business, we hope to encourage our audience to celebrate female success, not just on International Women’s Day, but every day.

Avaline and Who What Wear

Katherine Power

CEO of Merit & Versed, Co-founder of Avaline & Who What Wear


MK: Describe a moment in your career where you felt supported by another woman and the impact that had on you personally and professionally. 

KP: Probably my first co-founder, Hillary Kerr. First of all, having a business partner is incredible if you can find the right one. Still, as we were creating something that hadn’t existed before us, in a world with not very many women in business at the time, there was great comfort and support in having her by my side. 

MK: How do you delegate and prioritize your time across your many businesses? 

KP: I work with an incredible group of executives across my businesses who specialize in exactly what we do at each company. These teams allow me to stay “heads-up,” as they say, to focus on strategic matters and long-term plans. Then, as needed, I jump into the weeds on any given week to the company that requires me most at the time. 

MK: What excites you most about the future for women in business? 

KP: That it’s now not unusual to be a woman in business. It’s a very normal and well-paved path at this point. 

Women Uplifting Women Ally Love

Ally Love

Founder of Love Squad & Fitness Instructor

MK: How do you inspire and empower women through Love Squad?

AL: I believe that empowerment means someone can articulate how they feel and think. Through resources, events, and conversation, we bring our community together to give them a voice. By listening to and participating panels and moderated conversations, our members are empowered to not only know how they feel, but express it. 

MK: What do you find most rewarding about your career?

AL: The most rewarding part of my career is being able to establish roots and grow my family and legacy here in New York City while pursuing my dreams. I’m so proud of the fact that I’ve never had to compromise, and instead have found the intersection of everything I’ve wanted to do as a Peloton Instructor, in-arena host of the Brooklyn Nets, and CEO and founder of Love Squad. To be able to do all those things while building my life with my husband shows that dedication and consistency pay off.

MK: How do you use your role as a fitness instructor to boost confidence in women?

AL: First of all, everybody’s body is welcome. I make sure my classes are equitable, so that everyone feels included. I provide various types of music, artists, and entry points so all fitness levels feel comfortable. I will always speak to those who join me intentionally, whether it’s your first class or one thousandth. Most people feel confident when they are in a space where they do things well. I cultivate that by making my classes welcome and equitable.

Women Uplifting Women

Trinity Mouzon Wofford

Co-Founder of Golde

MK: Golde is known for helping you “feel like your best self.” As a leader in the self-care/wellness space, what self-care practices do you personally practice?

TMW: I have a few that I live by! One of the most important is a lunch break. I have an hour blocked off in my calendar every single weekday. Taking this time to prepare and eat an actually nourishing meal – and to decompress a bit during what is usually a super busy day – truly makes my work life better. I always follow it up with a 3pm matcha latte to power me through the rest of the day! I’m also a big proponent of getting out in nature whenever I can. Even a walk around the block or 15 minutes in my garden between meetings can make a big difference.

MK: What excites you the most about the future for women in the wellness industry?

TMW: The fact that we’re just getting started! More and more women-owned brands are popping up all the time, which is so great to see. In today’s society, we vote with our dollars for the world we want, so supporting women-owned businesses today helps ensure there are more of them – and a more equitable wellness industry – in the future.

MK: How do you inspire and uplift other women through Golde?

TMW: The big way is summed up by our mission – making wellness more accessible. At Golde our message is that wellness and self-care is for absolutely everyone, and our goal is to help women make caring for themselves a priority in a way that doesn’t feel burdensome, time-consuming, or expensive. Outside of the day-to-day brand operations, I also make it a priority to mentor female entrepreneurs whenever I can. Paying it forward in this space that can tend to be pretty opaque and competitive is hugely important to me. 

Ilana Kugel

Ilana Kugel

Creative Director and Co-Founder of KORAL

MK: KORAL is known for “fashion forward, sustainable activewear designed to empower women.” Can you elaborate on how KORAL contributes to empowering women?

IK: KORAL continues to empower women by designing clothing for women, by women. Our mission is to make you feel powerful in fabrics + styles that compliment your unique body + movement while making you feel your best. We encourage women to wear our products in different ways; while working out, while out with friends, while running errands; your KORAL pieces are as versatile, unique, and revolutionary as the women who are wearing them. As a business we employ amazing, diverse, strong women, we have an all-woman PR team and a majority woman on sales and marketing staff. Ran by women, for women!

MK: What’s a career moment that you’re most proud of?

IK: There’s definitely a few! I graduated from university with a degree in design and had the opportunity to work for numerous fashion labels for Brazil. One of my proudest moments was being able to move from Brazil to the US to start KORAL, creating this brand as a South American woman gave me so much pride. 

MK: Describe a moment in your career where you felt supported by another woman and the impact that had on you personally and professionally.

IK: Throughout my career there have been so many women who have inspired and continue to inspire me. Without their support I wouldn’t be where I am today. First, my mother. She always has been and always will be my biggest supporter. She was there when I started KORAL and was my biggest cheerleader, she made me believe that no dream was too big. Another person who inspires me in Arlene Samen the founder of the One Heart Organization, introduced to me by a dear friend. One Heart Organization’s mission is to save the lives and promote the well-being of mothers and their newborns in underserved areas of rural Nepal. I believe that supporting our mothers, and our children, is the best way to ensure a brighter future is to foster the wellbeing of our mothers and children. 


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