Why You Need a Retinol Alternative Serum

Why You Need a Retinol Alternative Serum

Updated on 16th April 2024 at 6:37 am

If you’ve been apprehensive about incorporating a retinol into your routine, you will be thrilled to read about how our retinol alternative serum is sensitive skin friendly and the first-to-market glow giver of review-worthy results. 

You will also want to hear what board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Claire Wolinsky, says about our Plant Stem Cell Retinol Alternative Serum as an effective and safe retinol alternative for her sensitive skin patients. 

We explore why retinol is the industry backed go-to for retaining youthful looks—and why choosing a certified organic retinol alternative is a further step for retinol results without the irritation. 

What Is Retinol?  

A product that contains Vitamin A; known as either retinol, or retinoids, depending on their strength of formulation.   

The idea behind using retinol is to motivate skin cells to regenerate, inspire collagen production—and keep skin looking as young as possible, for as long as possible. 

However, retinol alternatives can give better than retinol results, without the complications that an in-organic or traditional retinol can give. 

Why Use Retinol? 

We produce approximately 1% less collagen each year as we naturally mature. Loss of natural oil and moisture also becomes apparent—and doubles the appearance of sagging, wrinkled, lined, uneven and rough skin.  

Our anti aging serum goes a step further, to effectively improve the look of aging skin—and fend off future aging caused by environmental stressors. 

Why Use A Retinol Alternative?  

There is no Vitamin A into our anti aging serum blend, yet our chosen certified organic retinol alternative ingredients can offer talked-about results while being: 

Sun Friendly 

We always suggest wearing SPF throughout the day, yet our retinol alternative serum can be used 24/7.  

In fact, we suggest using it morning and night for a glow like no other! 

Sensitive Skin Friendly 

Retinol, or retinoids, are known irritants for sensitive skin, often causing redness, dryness and flaking.

Our blend is both powerful and effective, yet gentle and nourishing for the skin. This is due to the power of organics.

Healthy Retinol Vitamin A Alternative 

Vitamin A can be a health complication for many people, particularly those when pregnant.  

As our anti aging serum is not formulated with Vitamin A yet calls on the natural (and powerful) organic benefits of retinol, it makes it a lot safer for daily use. 

Board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Claire Wolinsky, suggests her patients use a retinol alternative and reveres our Plant Stem Cell Retinol Alternative Serum for those with sensitive skin that desire powerful anti aging results. 

“I talk a lot about using retinol to reduce and prevent fine lines and wrinkles. The truth is, many patients just can’t tolerate it. For these patients, there’s an exciting retinol alternative called Bakuchiol. This is a gentler form of retinol. One of the products that I love is the Plant Stem Cell Retinol Alternative Serum,” Dr. Claire Wolinsky explains. 

Plant Stem Cell Retinol Alternative Serum Anti Aging

Why Miranda Created This Product 

“Traditional retinols have always been harsh on my sensitive skin, and when I was pregnant with my three boys, I had a hard time finding a healthy, natural option that gave me the results I needed. I’m so proud to bring you one that finally does.” – Miranda 

We say: twice the application, double the results.  

Retinols traditionally can only be used once a day either AM or PM. Yet with our safe retinol alternative it can be used 24/7. 

Dr. Claire Wolinsky also loves that our Retinol Alternative Serum is “milky and smooth and quick to absorb, and it’s gentle to use twice a day.”  

Are Plant Retinol Alternatives As Effective As Traditional Retinols?    

This certified organic formula provides comparable (and powerful) results to retinol—without irritation. The results speak for themselves:  

Nearly 80% of retinol users up to age 65 said our certified organic serum was MORE EFFECTIVE than retinol.* 

With an all-star line-up of the latest retinol alternatives for around-the-clock aging protection—we think of it as the best anti aging serum on the market. 

One | 

Ours is safer and gentler on the skin, while giving five times the results of retinol—and Dr. Claire Wolinsky agrees: 

“What’s so unique about this formulation is that it combines Bakuchiol with Alfalfa Extract, which is a newer retinol alternative that’s being studied. In combination, studies have shown that these two ingredients can be 5x more powerful than any retinol that can be found over the counter.” 

Two | 

For those who are unable to use retinol Vitamin A products—we have you covered. 

“For patients that can’t tolerate their retinol or retinoids and are getting frustrated, I think you’re going to love this KORA Organics product.” – Dr. Claire Wolinsky.

Take an empowered stance on aging and reach for a plant-powered retinol alternative serum to reap the benefits of retinol (or retinoids) without the sensitivities! 

With love,

KORA Organics

*78% said it’s more effective than retinol product used before. Based on a study of 50 retinol users aged 25-65 over the course of 4 weeks, applying 2x daily AM and PM.  


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