Illumination via Hydration | Why Use Face Oil?

Illumination via Hydration | Why Use Face Oil?

Face oils made their way onto the skincare scene because of their ability to transform dull skin into glowing skin—in a moment. As with all things skin, we measure organic skin care products for the glow they give—as illuminated skin is also your healthiest skin

The idea of a facial oil is to work with your natural skin oils and boost their ability to do their job: maintain balanced water levels and oil flow within the skin. In a nutshell: facial oils add moisture and seal in precious hydration as well to create a protective skin barrier. When these aspects are regularly maintained, your skin elasticity will thank you with bouncy, happy skin.  

Read on as we explain why we adore organic face oils for all skin types. 

Why Use Face Oil 

As our skin is made from both oil and water, we need to add both elements to our skin care routine for balance—and for glow! After layering your serums and moisturizer, the need for face oil is even greater: to lock in your natural oils and stop water loss (hydration) as you go about your day. 

Regular application of a face oil can help your skin to retain its water content. Although you may not think your skin needs water. Topped-up water levels within the skin = plumpness! It gives that enviable complexion we drool over when we see well-rested, and well-nourished skin. 

A face oil can be a missed step in a skin care routine. So, let this be a friendly reminder that you need a sealant to protect skin against hydration loss—just as you need SPF to protect against UV rays. 

What are the Benefits of Face Oils? 

Many people think that oils serve only dry skin, yet this is not the case. 

An organic face oil aligns with your natural skin oils to keep your complexion balanced—which is good news for dry skin, sensitive skin, mature skin and oily skin. 

We also love a face oil to: 

  • Replenish moisture levels, morning and night 
  • Lock in the hydration and protect against water loss 
  • Protect your skin by supporting your natural skin barrier 
  • Top up moisture levels to visually level out fine lines and wrinkles 
  • Soothe and nourish your skin so it is soft to touch! 
KORA Organcis Illumination via Hydration | Why Use Face Oil

Face Oil for Dry Skin 

Dry skin is the presentation of very little, to no, natural skin oils and lipids on your skins’ surface. This can be from a variety of reasons: aging, hormones and environmental factors; not to mention sun damage. The good news is that this can be instantly addressed with the abundance of moisture in a face oil.

The remedy for dry skin is to get your natural skin oils flowing again, and face oils could not be more perfect for this. Deep replenishment of lost moisture can be instant and feel like heaven on flaky and chapped skin. 

As face oils replicate your natural skin oils, they also bring a balancing quality to your skin to stop dry skin from returning—and with occlusive properties they also help to reinforce your natural skin barrier to stop any further loss. A win-win! 

It’s no secret that dry skin types benefit most from face oils, as does our winter skin! Our oil blend is abundant in necessary and skin-loving antioxidants, vitamins and essential fatty acids. We think it’s the antidote for dry skin—in fact it was created to instantly nourish and hydrate dehydrated skin.  

Our tip: Give your skin a luxurious face oil massage each night to fill your skin with abundant moisture to plump your skin and level out the look of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Face Oil for Sensitive Skin 

The skin on our face is delicate by nature, it can also be sensitive too. It’s good to note that not all oils are created equal, in fact many oils that are synthetic or non-organic can cause irritation and sensitivities for your skin. 

Although face oils are thought of first for their hydration qualities—we know that they offer so much more. In the case of sensitive skin, an oil blend can address skin conditions and bring noticeable relief to red, inflamed, chapped, or damaged skin. As your skin creates natural oils, applying a facial oil that is of similar texture can harmonize and can lessen the effect of irritation to your skin. Face oils are laden in essential fatty acids and soothing antioxidants. So much so, our organic face oil is loved for sensitive skin for its calming qualities. 

We love these three harmonious skin oils and antioxidants which are not only beneficial, but soothing and revered for sensitive skin: 

  • Rosehip Oil:

A rich source of essential fatty acids and Vitamins A, C, E that balance, deeply nourish and promote even skin tone. 

  • Jojoba Oil:

    Similar to our skins’ natural oils, this oil helps to soothe, hydrate, condition and strengthen our skin. 

  • Noni:

    A powerful antioxidant, rich in vitamins and minerals to nourish and soften while strengthening our protective skin barrier. It also can also visually treat the look of fine lines and wrinkles. 

If you have skin sensitivity we always suggest a patch test first, and to check the organic ingredients on our product page as well. 

Our #1 Certified Organic Face Oil | For Superior Nourishment

Face Oil for Oily Skin & Combination Skin  

We often get asked: Are face oils good for oily skin and for acne prone skin? The answer is yes—oily skin needs hydration and nourishment too. An overabundance of oil on the skins’ surface is often the result of an imbalance within the skin.

When you strip your skin of natural oils (which can be a daily occurrence through harsh soaps cleansers, face wash, stringent toners and chemical-heavy make-up wipes) you interrupt the natural rhythm of oil production. 

What happens next is that our skin naturally calls for more oils—which then presents as oily skinSkin can be both oily and dry for this reason! 

To ensure your skin finds its balance, we suggest our pH friendly cleanser to stop this cycle and find natural regulation of oil flow by adding our Noni Glow Face Oil to your routine, even if once per day! 

Are Face Oils Occlusive & Non-Comedogenic? 

As dryness can often be the cause of oily skin—our organic face oil helps to balance oil production. While a face oil helps seal in hydration, our organic oil blend is lightweight by nature to add replenishing moisture without creating congestion.

We intentionally created our organic face oil with premium natural oils that absorb quickly without clogging pores 

It’s lightweight yet equally nourishing! 

How to Use Body Oil | Relaxing Skin Rituals With A Twist 

Can Face Oil Replace Moisturizer? 

Another popular question we’re asked is: Are Face Oils Better than Moisturizers? 

We always say that you need both!  

The easiest way to understand this is that hydration is from watermoisture is from oilWhile moisturizers provide instant hydration; face oils provide long-lasting moisture, antioxidant properties with a vitamin-enriched bonus. The aim is to prevent water loss throughout the day by boosting your skin with an additional lipid layer.

Another important fact is that face oils are not humectants. Humectants bind moisture to the skin (for this we love Hyaluronic Acid). So, after you apply your humectant-rich serum and moisturizer, it’s important to lock their goodness in with a protecting face oil—to seal the deal. 

You can learn more about the difference between hydration and moisture.

What Step to Apply Face Oil? 

Another popular question is: When to apply—before or after moisturizing? We recommend applying a few drops after your moisturizer to seal in hydration and lock in prized antioxidants. 

Think of it as the last skin care layer!  

As it is the heaviest layer, it also helps to protect your skin from free radical damage. Environmental factors such as pollution and UV rays, create free radicals which can be menacing to your complexion via a process known as oxidisation. Which unfortunately makes us age faster.

Learn about how and when to apply our facial oil in your skincare routine. 

Miranda Kerr Noni Glow Face Oil 30mL

Can I Use Face Oil in the Morning? 

We adore our organic face oil as a skin-nourishing and antioxidant-packed morning ritual to protect skin alongside your natural skin barrier —and recommend using our facial oil both morning and night. 

We love this (and do not miss this) step to seal in moisture and balance natural skin oils for an effortless, healthy glow. 

Can I Use Face Oil After Retinol? 

Absolutely! By doubling up with our organic retinol alternative and our famed face oil, you amplify your skin protection against environmental stressors that makes you age faster. 

To further this, our anti aging face serum (with dual action qualities) treats and protects your skin against the visible signs of aging. 

All while sealing in antioxidants, hydration and moisture—to support elasticity and tone—for a serious glow. 

This can often be a missing step—but we know our skin needs both! 

Illumination via Hydration | Why Use Face Oil KORA Organics

Why Use Organic Face Oil 

As we say: What you put on your skin, soaks in, use organic! 

We created our cult-followed Noni Glow Face Oil to nurture your complexion with natural oils that are skin-serving—without clogging your pores. We chose a Certified Organic balanced blend that is lightweight yet rich with essential fatty acids and antioxidants from Rosehip oil, Jojoba oil, and our famed Noni Fruit Extract. 

This adored facial oil is a hydration hero for mature skin, as well as dry and dehydrated skin. It’s also a go-to for gentle nourishing for sensitive skin with surprising oil-balancing qualities for oily skincombination skin and acne prone skin types. 

We love our facial oil for illumination-through-hydration—morning and night! 

Face Oil for Make Up Priming 

We love to prime our skin to be the perfect canvas before make-up.  

For this we have the perfect make up primer:  our Noni Glow Face Oil massaged in with the Rose Quartz Heart Facial Sculptor. It absorbs quickly for dewy skin heaven—watch Miranda Gua Sha here! 

Miranda adds a few drops of our face oil to her cream concealer for a daily no-makeup-makeup-look. For a touch of healthy glam you can also make a creamy blush out of your favorite lipstick and our prized facial oil. 

Watch how Miranda does this in minutes

What we perhaps love about organic face oil most is the bright factor and glowing effect. 

It’s an award-winning organic face oil and your best friend to lock in next-level moisture for enviable skin elasticity. Our hero blend is also a rich and replenishing protective layer from the elements to alleviate dry skin, from reoccurring for aging skin—all skin types—and all skin concerns. 

Say goodbye to dull skin with the power of organics!  

With love,

KORA Organics


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