Why Use A Retinol Moisturizer Alternative?

Why Use A Retinol Moisturizer Alternative?

The Vitamin A derivative known as retinol has both wins and losses against its name. It’s win for skin elasticity and defying age gravity are why its famed across the skincare sphere, yet it’s simultaneously and equally tarnished as a skin aggravator.

Retinol—or retinoids—are catalysts for turning around the speed and signs of aging, and in same breath, can be toxic and irritating for our complexion.

Enter botanical skincare, and the minds it’s changing, to have it all.

We want to empower you to confidently move to a plant-based retinol, to obtain the same benefits without the not-so-pretty side effects.

Why Use A Retinol Moisturizer Alternative?

Aging + Fine Lines + Firmness

It’s the way to skip retinol—and opt for plant extracts that do the same job. Nipping the intrinsic and extrinsic aging process as close to the bud as possible. So to speak.

A hydration hero to get your skin vibing with a firmer glow, AM + PM, under the guise of an every day cream.

Certified organic, with an anti aging focus of hydrating, tightening and plumping—all in one. 

It exists and its our new hero.

We created it for the:

  • Time Poor—Reach for one cream to boost skin cell turnover morning + night; after cleansing + before you run out the door.

  • Fuss Free—If layering a list of products isn’t your thing; the easy + efficacious option is to couple aging support with your daily moisturizing staple.

  • Sensitive Skins—If you’re not able to achieve the results you dream of because of the irritation retinol can bring; the perfect alternative exists.

  • Aging Enthusiasts—Double the power of your results with a dual retinol alternative serum and its sister, the retinol moisturizer alternative.

  • Certified Organic Only—If (like us) you cannot imagine compromising your health while achieving talked-about results. Alternative ingredients are for you.

Plant Based Alternatives For Sensitive Skin

Retinol Benefits—Sans Irritation

What a plant based retinol alternative can offer that retinols traditionally do not, is gentle power without these possible (and painful) known irritations:

  • Very dry skin

  • Flaky + peeling skin

  • Reactive skin

  • Redness

  • Itchiness

  • Inflammation.

Board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Claire Wolinsky, uses retinol to “reduce and prevent fine lines and wrinkles.” Noting that she suggests the “gentler form of retinol” for her clients, which we know and love as the “retinol alternative called bakuchiol.”

We’ve created a new plant-powered retinol option from a line up of vitamin and antioxidant-fulled ingredients, that falls under the umbrella of:

  • Retinol alternatives

  • Plant stem cells

  • Natural vegan peptides

  • Natural ceramides.

Say hello to our newest retinol alternative creation, our Plant Stem Cell Retinol Alternative Moisturizer.

We love our take, to roll in the above, in one avant-guard daily cream staple. To gift firmer skin that glows with wellness—without irritation—for all skin types.

Empower yourself with our why, below:

Why Use A Retinol Moisturizer Alternative?

Plant-Powered Cell Turnover

Retinol Alternatives | Bakuchiol + Alfalfa

We praise Bakuchiol as it behaves like retinol, but isn’t made from Vitamin A—and adore alfalfa for sassy skin tone + firming.

All the benefits, without the drama of irritation.

When you can get the proven power of Bakuchiol with certified organic confidence. Why would you use anything else? We’re devotees to the flowering Babchi plant that it hails from. Read in detail why it’s touted as one of the best retinol alternatives.

We also love alfalfa as the quiet achiever with it’s long but humble list of anti aging benefits.

Daily Collagen Production + Protection

Acai Stem Cells + Rosehip Oil + Noni Fruit

An impressive line up of plant power.

This trio is a gift to boost and protect against collagen breakdown. We love these antioxidants and vitamins to not only give a wellness glow but to offer catalyzing cellular change for natural skin rejuvenation.

Acai Berries, extracted by stem cell technology, help to improve Ferulic Acid content. This is even more effective in combination with Vitamin C + E-rich ingredients which Rosehip and Noni have in plenty.

These botanical superfoods band together to power up your protection against the very factors that cause us to age; and to boost collagen production to treat the aging signs that are presently showing.

Learn about vitamins for glowing skin, here.

Why Use A Retinol Moisturizer Alternative KORA Organics
Why Use A Retinol Moisturizer Alternative KORA Organics

Vegan Peptides + Natural Ceramides  

Amino Acids + Essential Fatty Acids for Skin Firmness + Tightness

The vegan Peptide and Ceramide duo found in our new Retinol Alternative Moisturizer helps your skin to tighten and lock in moisture to gift age-defying qualities.

Let’s look at how.

What Are Peptides?

Peptides are made in-house, meaning by your body. They’re often referred to as the building blocks of skin proteins. As skin peptides then create the adored proteins collagen and elastin; the famed duo we could not glow without.

When used in a skincare routine, peptides can target the appearance of fine lines, and work their innate magic to create firmer and more taught skin.

What Are Ceramides?

Ceramides are found naturally in the skin, and can be added topically for glow. The fatty acids that are ceramides make up a large amount of our skin layer, and their job is to firm and and plump the skin while locking in moisture, naturally.

Imagine ceramides being a pseudo glue that naturally binds and seals your skin cells together, to then play its part in creating a skin barrier that locks in moisture and prevents anything foreign from entering.

Which makes sense visually when we see sagging skin that has sunk due to a lack of natural ceramides (and proteins) to hold it up. They’re also the antidote to smooth out rough skin texture.

Read about the decline of natural oils as we age.

Retinol Alternatives For Use 24/7

Safe For Daily Use + Sun-Friendly

Unlike retinol, our newest retinol alternative is gentle enough to use both AM + PM for 24/7 protection.

Read how our sun-friendly retinol alternatives are adored any time of the day—and year.

Even on summer vacay!

We wish you wellness and your best skin, organically.

With love,

KORA Organics


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