Why Organic Skincare is Necessary

Why Organic Skincare is Necessary

We all hail Miranda’s holistic approach to skincare at KORA Organics HQ and being true to our hearts, we revel in organic, clean-living in our everyday lives.

We’re quite often asked why organic skincare is so important to us and our brand—here are our top three responses:

1. S K I N  is the largest organ in the human body!

Think health and take Miranda’s path for gorgeously abundant skin. She’s living proof!

Many are unaware that the skin is in fact the largest organ of the human body. Our internal organs need nourishment to thrive in their environment, as does our skin.

The phrase “prevention is better than cure” is relevant here. We recommend knowing what truly nourishes your skin before placing any product in your shopping basket.

When we provide an optimum environment for our skin cells to function at their best, our skin reflects this optimism. We do this by drinking purified water regularly, getting our beauty sleep, and lastly, feeding our skin—inside and out—with the highest quality, natural ingredients.

We also deeply nourish our skin from within with wonderful thoughts, sending a vibration of happiness to every cell in our body while doing so. When we’re at our healthiest, we’re quite often seen to be our most beautiful selves too!

That’s why our mission at KORA Organics is to nourish people’s MIND, BODY & SKIN. A holistic approach to skincare as everything within us is connected.

Nourish your skin; think health; and glow from within.

2. C H E M I C A L S  can complicate things.

Keep it simple and leave the unnecessary nasties behind.

According to Organic Fair Trade, a woman applies more than 200 chemicals to her skin daily, and over 60% of these chemicals are further absorbed into the bloodstream; a rather frightening fact.

Toxic chemicals can be commonly found in everyday skincare and beauty products. It’s important that we educate ourselves and each other, making conscious decisions on what we are applying to our skin, as it will ultimately end up in our bloodstream.

We pride ourselves on our purity and our strict guidelines. All our products are free from Sulfates, Parabens, Synthetic Fragrance, Synthetic Colours, T.E.A., D.E.A., Glycols, Silicones, PEGS, Ethoxylate or Formaldehyde or Formaldehyde derivatives.

So much so, that we’ve created a list of all the ‘market nasties’ and how we combat them with certified organic and certified natural alternatives—in accordance with COSMOS (COSMetic Organic Standard).

Ditching the chemicals is one thing we can control in a busy market laden with unnecessary toxins.

Read the labels; do your research; know your skincare inside and out.


3. T R U S T  that you’re in safe hands

Everything from packaging to production has to be organic to be certified.

Don’t be misled by the overly used term ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ —we’re often all too fooled by what’s in our favourite beauty must-have, sometimes known as greenwashing. Mainly due to the lack of regulations in using these terms, manufacturers are able to mislead consumers to believe a product is ‘organic’ or ‘natural’, yet still contain some of the nasty chemicals.

Knowing your governing body, labels and logos can help you in this case.

As covered by COSMOS (COSMetic Organic Standard) a “certified organic” product must adhere to the strict guidelines in relation to:

· all the ingredients used in the product;
· the processes undertaken to produce the product;
· and the packaging used in the products.

It’s imperative to look out for a trusted certified organic logo to ensure you are receiving a true organic product!

Discover more about why we only adhere to the best: COSMOS and ECOCERT

Know your stuff; walk your talk; and choose wisely!

xxx KORA Organics


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