What’s In Miranda’s Bag?

What’s In Miranda’s Bag?

Updated on 20th December 2023 at 10:23 am

Hello guys,

British Vogue asked to see inside my bag. And I am going to show you.

I have a very busy life and having three kids means I carry a lot because I have to be ready for anything, at any time.

Let me show you what I have in my bag from day-to-day.


I always have a banana with me, and it is often my saviour. I’m often very hungry after breastfeeding and find myself reaching for the banana. It’s handy for when the little ones are hungry too.

I also have chewy dried banana bites. They’re certified organic and made only of bananas and coconuts. I guess there’s a theme here! I also carry an apple because an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Speaking of snacks, my little one’s favorites are veggie and potato chips, made with organic green peas, yellow peas, potatoes, olive oil and black beans. I always pack them!

Water Bottle

I love to drink from my crystal water bottle and take it with me everywhere. It has rose quartz crystals that sit in the bottom so you’re drinking water that is infused by the crystals, which brings about a loving, nurturing energy.


So, let’s see what else I have in my bag.

A lint roller—I’m one of those people that doesn’t like to have any fuzz or lint on my clothes. I’m obsessed with keeping one of these in my bag.

A cool pair of Spectacles that can video at the press of a button. They’re great to capture moments of my kids. I often find that by the time I get out the phone to take a picture, I’ve missed the moment. However, with these on you can just click and record. I’m obsessed and use them all the time.

Make Up

I keep my make-up quite simple during the day. So, in my make-up bag, I have mascara, eyelash curlers and a couple of lipsticks. I have an RMS red because having a red lipstick is always fun! I have another in a pink tint which is very natural.

The other thing I have in my beauty bag is RMS Uncover-up Concealer. I love it as it melts into my skin. I love the consistency, it’s very creamy and natural looking. I like to mix it with a few drops of the Noni Glow Face Oil and apply it my face with a brush.

I have a beautiful little blush in there from Charlotte Tilbury, it’s a sweet pink colour. I also carry our Luminizer which is made with crushed rose quartz. I love it as is It adds highlight, and it melts into your skin. It’s like a mini treatment!

I like to keep a Body Balm and our Face Balm in there too. They’re great for a little bit of hydration, and they don’t spill in your bag either. The Face Balm is great to use it as a moisturizer underneath your makeup, or you can just add a little glow to refresh your makeup too!

The balms are incredible for the kids if they have any dry skin patches! So, I carry them with me everywhere.

Rose Quartz

Many of our products contain rose quartz crystals, like Noni Radiant Eye Oil. It is applied with a small rose quartz crystal. It feels super cooling and soothing as it rolls on—and it is great for puffiness.

I carry another rose quartz in my make-up bag—our crystal heart sculptor. It’s an incredible gua sha tool to alleviate puffiness and stimulate circulation. I love to use it in the mornings to massage in my face oil <link>. I keep it in my bag during the day in case I need to massage any pressure points on my shoulders, and my neck, that are tight from breastfeeding.

Which brings me to my Theragan. This is a new addition to my handbag, and I carry with me at all times. It is an incredible gift my mom gave me one Christmas.

Health + Medical

What else can I fit in this bag? Sunscreen, deodorant, a nail tool, and hand sanitizing wipes!

I think it’s a good idea to carry zinc. If anyone in the family comes down with a sniffle or runny nose, I give them a couple of drops of the zinc right away. I have some homeopathic arnica just in case anyone falls over or bumps their toe or the knee.

I also carry a refillable spray bottle of Eco One water with me. Eco one is a machine to create electrolyzed water and a disinfectant spray. So, you can spray it on surfaces, or you can just spray it in the air to help clear and disinfect the air. It’s a natural disinfectant and non-toxic!

Tuning Fork

Oh, and my Tuning Fork & Rose Quartz Crystal. I told you, I’m obsessed with crystals. Crystals in my water, in my eye cream, in my eye oil, in my gua sha, and in my highlighter—and now I’ve got a crystal to help me balance energy.

When the kids are being loud, I take a few moments to use the fork against the crystal. It helps me to reset the space and helps everyone calm down. Marie Condo actually taught me that little trick. It really works for me!


I like to keep a few Skinfood Sachets in my bag. These are great to add to your water bottle for an instant boost of energy. That’s why I created them, to carry and mix in with your water at any point during the day.

I have one in the morning in my smoothie, and then I’ll have one in the middle of the day—especially if it’s a long day. It has green tea, prebiotics, and blueberries—and it tastes delicious. As well as Noni fruit extract!

Oh, and course my wallet and gratitude journal. My son Flynn likes to draw, so it’s good to have a pen and paper around! I also have a few books and toys for the kids.

This is my full life in here!

If I could trade handbags with anyone it would probably be the queen because I’m fascinated to know what she has inside her little handbag!

Much love,



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