What is Your Inner Feng Shui?

What is Your Inner Feng Shui?

Inner Feng Shui is like having it all. It is the balance of all things. It is about staying healthy, being happy, supporting your friends and family, giving it all in your work, having a solid reputation and going with the flow.

Inner Feng Shui is listening to your inner self at times of worry and frustration. Hearing what is out of balance and trying to re-gain your equilibrium.

Inner Feng Shui is trying not to over emphasise any one element in your life, but coming to the understanding that different life arenas need focus and energy at various times. It is okay to work on one area now. Then change gears and direct your energies into another life arena.

When you reach your optimum Inner Feng Shui you are happy, healthy and loving most of the time. Nothing really gets to you, you are living in the natural flow of life.

Anita Rosenberg

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  1. Anita Rosenberg

    This Mercury Retrograde has been difficult to keep your inner Feng Shui and balance going. The road is bumpy until May 22nd when it goes direct. For now, take a deep breath and honor your inner balance.


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