What Is My Skin Type?

What Is My Skin Type?

Updated on 15th June 2022 at 3:12 pm

Knowing your skin type is the first step in providing optimal care for your skin. Everyone’s skin is unique and choosing the right products that are formulated to your skin type will help you to nurture your skin and improve end results for beautiful, healthy skin. 


Skin types generally fall into 3 categories based on key characteristics which can help you determine what is my skin type.


Dry skin is usually the result of your skin producing less sebum or natural oil but can also be affected by our age, hormones, genetics and lifestyle or environmental factors. Dry skin is generally characterised by fine pores, a matt or dull appearance, your skin can feel tight or flaky and is typically drier towards the sides of the face. Dry skin is susceptible to wind, sun and heat damage due to a weaker skin barrier and can often show noticeable fine lines. Dry skin also hastens the skin’s aging process. 

How to care for Dry Skin: 

Replenish your skin with products that nourish, and restore the skin’s moisture levels are key. Keeping your skin hydrated will not only mean a healthier appearance but a stronger skin barrier. Be sure to give skin some extra tender loving care during the colder months when moisture in the air is reduced.

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From time to time our skin can show signs of sensitivity due to lifestyle and environment, however a truly sensitive skin is characterised by redness, some itchiness and a feeling of dehydration. Ensure to take time to find out what triggers the sensitivity in your skin so you can avoid them. Those with sensitive skin might also experience skin conditions such as eczema and rosacea.

How to care for Sensitive Skin:

It is important to treat sensitive first before any other skin condition. Soothing products that avoid heating the skin and gently nourish are best to stabilise the skin’s moisture levels and improve appearance. Look for products and ingredients that help calm and soothe sensitive skin conditions. Always read the labels and avoid harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances that will often exacerbate sensitive skin! Patch test new products on your inner wrist to ensure compatibility and introduce new products one at a time.

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Oily / Combination skin is defined by an oily T-section (forehead, nose and chin) and requires specific care to address blemishes, blackheads, and an oily or shiny appearance. Pores are usually larger in size and can be easily clogged. Oily /Combination skin can be affected by hormones, stress, climate or the seasons.

How to care for Oily / Combination Skin:

Carefully cleansing and refining the oilier parts of the skin is required, while being mindful of maintaining the moisture levels required on the less oily areas of the face. Look for products that help to balance your pH levels and oil production while still being able to provide moisture will provide the best results. Use cleansers that don’t strip your skin of its natural oils, as this could cause your skin to overproduce oil. Exfoliate 2-3 times a week to promote skin cell turnover and shed dead skin cells and prevent sebum build up.

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  • Avoid extreme temperatures and sadly yes that includes really hot showers in winter!
  • Avoid harsh soaps or cleansers.
  • Apply products while your skin is still damp to help absorption.
  • Use a separate towel or cloth for your face. 
  • Be gentle with your skin, no tugging or pulling. 
  • Wear gloves when cleaning, think about your hands too.


Quiz For Skin Type

Take our quick quiz to work out which skin type are you, so you can use the products that will help you achieve the best results.

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Skin TypeS Test

Another way to see what skin type you are is to 

Cleanse your face to get rid of any makeup, dirt, sunscreen or sweat that’s built up and gentle pat dry. Stop there, don’t apply any other products and leave your face bare, letting your skin to act naturally. After 30 minutes to 1 hour, evaluate how your skin is looking and feeling. Does your skin feel tight, do you have a noticeable shine, or is there some redness? Go back and have a look at the above and take the quiz to determine which skin type you are. 

Our skin’s needs change, sometimes throughout the seasons, alongside your hormones and as we age, so just like checking in with loved ones, take some time to check in with yourself. Keeping in touch with your skin needs will help you to make any adjustments and use the right products to keep your skin healthy and happy!

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