What is Insight

What is Insight

Insight is defined as the capacity to gain a deeper understanding of something or someone. In self-development, gaining a deeper understanding of ourselves is essential. Understanding why we are the way we are, what drives our behaviour, what triggers us, what brings us feelings or joy or inner peace is all key for self-awareness. And awareness is always the starting point for change. 

So, how do you begin to gain more insight into yourself? I always recommend that people begin to make a conscious effort to become observers of their thoughts and behaviours. It can be helpful to keep a journal close by and begin to write down any patterns you begin to notice. For example, you may notice that you always begin to use negative or limiting language after you’ve been scrolling on social media. Or you might notice that whenever you’ve been feeling particularly good you find yourself self-sabotaging. You may even become aware that you always procrastinate when approaching a deadline. Or you might notice that the dynamics of the relationships in your life have a pattern.


When we become aware of these patterns, we can ask ourselves some important questions, “why do I do this? When did I first begin to do this? What triggers it?” and then, “how can I begin to change it? How can I do this differently?” This is where the power of insight lies.

I often find that simply becoming aware of a pattern is enough to make a shift. You can then take control, choose a new pattern, and make an effort to do things in a way that will best serve you and a higher version of yourself.

To go a step further into insight, the power of therapy, counselling, talking, sharing and allowing yourself to be vulnerable, cannot be emphasised enough. All these tools allow us the opportunity to look backwards, to look at the core of ourselves and to our earlier years where these patterns of thinking and behaviour really began. This knowledge and insight into our past, will allow us to understand where and what we need to heal. And in this journey of healing, we find empowerment and enlightenment.

With insight, we learn about ourselves and we learn what no longer serves us and therefore, what it is time to let go of.

For anyone seeking change or transformation, begin first with a journey inwards. 

Roxie x


Roxie Nafousi is a self-development coach, manifesting expert, writer, and host of the podcast “The Moments That Made Me.”

Head to her website to book a spot in her next self-development webinar, schedule a one-on-one advice session, or download one of her meditations or affirmation playlists designed to help you on your manifestation journeys.



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