What Is Aromatherapy & What Are Essential Oils – Part 3

What Is Aromatherapy & What Are Essential Oils – Part 3

What Is Aromatherapy & What Are Essential Oils - Part 3

As you consider aromatherapy and essential oils, it is also important to learn about their quality. Essential oils undergo many different testing methods to verify their authenticity and quality. The most common methods of testing are by a liquid gas chromatograph and a mass spectrometer which identifies the major, minor and trace constituents of each oil. Testing essential oils is critical to guard against adulteration especially for those used in Medicine, Natural Medicine, Skincare and Aromatherapy.

Essential oils vary in color, some appearing completely colorless. Others are distinctly blue or yellow, orange or brown. Some are thick such as Patchouli and Sandalwood whilst others are more ‘water-like’ such as lavender. Essential oils are as unique and individual as we are. Possessing their inherent strengths and weaknesses; they are 70 times more concentrated than the plant or herb they came from; they are powerful actives when used to address the health of our body, the condition of our skin and the emotional state our body.

Essential oils, once tested and verified for their chemical composition, can be assessed for efficacy in, or the role they play on, our body and our mind. They can relax us, stimulate us, sedate us and they can make our blood vessels dilate or constrict. They have the capacity to do all this and more.

Essential oils are potent actives, approximately 70 times more potent than the plant or herb they come from. It is important to store them and use them in accordance with recommended dosage and application methodology.

Always dilute them when using them directly onto the skin (follow directions of use) and never near the eyes or mucous membranes. Keep out of reach of Children and there are some to be avoided topically during Pregnancy (follow the directions and contraindications on the pack).

Aromatherapy is the most versatile, safe and effective natural therapy when used as directed. Quality is essential, wherever possible choose Certified Organic; once we allow compromise into our lives it can seep into every corner. Enjoy!

Judith White


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