Health, Vitality & Wellness with the Medical Medium

Health, Vitality & Wellness with the Medical Medium

Updated on 19th December 2023 at 9:28 pm

With a focus on the connection of detoxification and self-care on the blog this month, we loved this tete-a-tete of Miranda & Anthony William — AKA the Medical Medium — as they revel in their mutual respect for therapeutic foods.

Miranda: I’m super excited as we will be connecting with Anthony William and discussing the benefits of celery juice and some of his tips and tricks for health and well-being.

I’ve been drinking celery juice for the last few years now and it has made a big difference to my energy levels and my digestion. It helps my skin too. All of my family drink celery juice now; including my little one. It has incredible benefits.

I’ve also been drinking the heavy metal detox smoothie which I’m going to share with you all today. Anthony, also known as the Medical Medium, has written many books, including Cleanse to Heal, Life-Changing Foods, Thyroid Healing and Liver Rescue. I love his books and his recipes. He’s helped so many people with their health, including myself, and I’m really excited to have him join us right now.

Miranda: Hi Anthony, how are you?

Anthony: Good, glad to be here.

Miranda: Thanks so much for joining us today. I know so many people have said they’re really excited to hear from you and I personally love speaking to you. I’ve learnt so much from you over the last few years and I feel like every time we speak, I have learned something more. So, I’m really excited to share your knowledge with everyone who’s watching.

Anthony: Well, you know you have like a vast amount of knowledge on health. I remember when we first started talking and you’ve always been interested in anything health related because you want to feel good. You look great!

Miranda: Thank you, it’s all the recipes of yours from the Cleanse to Heal book. It’s making a huge difference to me in my life and my energy levels.

I love this book as it has all of the recipes in here that I love, and it is really practical.

If you want to feel more energized it helps to do these steps in the morning.

Starting with simple water with lemon and then celery juice which you make at home.

I bought a few of bottles so I could fill it with 32 ounces in the morning first thing when I wake up: one with lemon and water and then one with 32 ounces of celery juice.

Then I have my Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie which we’re going to be making today.

Miranda: I’ve got some celery here so we can make the juice. It’s simple; you just put it in the juicer. It’s not difficult which I love because it’s something that everyone can do from home. How long ago did you start telling people about celery juice?

Anthony: I started telling people about it in 1975. I was a child and a family member had a back problem that just wouldn’t go away. It was an injury that was healed but the pain wouldn’t go away. It was mysterious problem to the doctors. That’s where the information came from to go on straight celery juice on an empty stomach, preferably in the morning and a minimum of 16 ounces.

It’s got to be on an empty stomach, by itself, and water can’t be added as otherwise it dilutes what it does for us. 16 ounces is therapeutic and so is 32 ounces.

Miranda: My nine month old has like a little a little bit of celery in the morning.

Anthony: That’s incredible.

Miranda: One thing you told me about was B12, I know that it has played a huge role in helping me with my energy levels.

Anthony: Everybody needs it. Vimergy B12 is by far the highest quality. I think zinc is really important; liquid zinc sulfate.

Miranda: It has helped me so much if I’ve had a cold, or get a little sniffle.

Anthony: The Medical Medium Zinc Shock Therapy is a powerful tool because when people think they’re coming down with something. B12 is  great for the baseline. Lemon balm is great too. It’s antiviral—and it’s also good for stress and nerves. Which makes it good to take before bedtime to calm the nerves.

Health, Vitality & Wellness with the Medical Medium

Miranda: We’re also going to make the Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie, which my whole family drinks. I start with two bananas in the Vitamix and then two cups of wild blueberries. These are frozen wild blueberries.

Anthony: It took many years to put those on the map; many years. People didn’t understand what a wild blueberry was. I call wild blueberries a Medical Medium tool because they’re therapeutic.

People think the Medical Medium information is just fruits and vegetables, like any other vegan, plant-based diet or paleo diet. It’s actually therapeutic foods in therapeutic ways.

Like cilantro—it doesn’t get rid of metals by itself but when you mix it with the ingredients it changes.

We’re using fresh orange juice which makes it taste really good. It helps with the metals leaving the body. The natural Vitamin C helps keep the immune system strong as you’re removing toxic heavy metals from the body.

Miranda: Adding one teaspoon barley grass and one of spirulina.

Anthony: Each one of those ingredients has a different strength for removing metals.

Miranda: Then we add Atlantic pulse flakes.

Anthony: It’s so good for us and it also removes metals too.

Miranda: Do you ever add water?

Anthony: I don’t but you can you can add coconut water as an option; water  as an option and you can just do the orange juice.

Miranda: No wonder my kids love it because its got the blueberries and the banana in there. It tastes quite sweet. My little two-year-old thinks that this is a treat but what it’s doing is really helping cleanse his body.

Anthony: We get metals from everywhere. From new clothing; new clothing has fungicides all over it. You get metals from fish, from foil, aluminum pots and pans. Just touching them. Tap water has it with fluoride.

This smoothie is better than any multivitamin. What happens in multivitamins is they put a little speck of a lot of things in there. You don’t even really get half of what they put in. It’s always cheap stuff they put in. But this smoothie is pure.

Miranda: How would you describe, in one sentence, this type of healthy eating?

Anthony: Well it’s interesting because a plant-based diet doesn’t mean you’re not going to be sick. 

That’s the difference with the Medical Medium information, it’s an answer as to why we’re sick, and I think that’s what everybody needs. 

Miranda: I’m so excited that we got to share this recipe that I have every day with everyone out there watching. Hopefully everyone out there is going to be starting to drink this as well and read your book: Cleanse to Heal. There are so many incredible recipes in here.

Anthony: It has 75 recipes in there. 

Miranda: I love that you have the eating plan in there. It really simplifies it for people. Everyone is so busy these days so it’s really great to have a book like this, that is a simple way to implement it into our lives—so thank you.

Anthony: You’re welcome. Thank you for having me on; lovely to speak with you.

Miranda: I really appreciate you taking the time to talk with us about health and wellness and your book, Cleanse to Heal. Which I absolutely love.

Anthony: I’m honored to be here and this was so fun.

Miranda: Is there anything else you want to talk about before we leave?

Anthony: I just want to say: everybody keep a light heart, and pat yourself on the back if you’re working on your health. Have compassion for yourself, you’re doing a great job. Take one baby step, one day at a time. Be good to yourself; you’re a good person. I’m proud of everybody who’s working on their health.

Miranda: Thank you so much for continuing to guide the way for health, vitality and wellness. You have helped so many people, me included, and I’m very grateful.

Anthony: Well, I’m grateful too. All right, take care.

Much love,



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