Climate Neutral + Sustainable Organic Skincare

Climate Neutral + Sustainable Organic Skincare

Updated on 16th April 2024 at 6:26 am

Today is Earth Day—a day we honor at KORA Organics. 

We officially offset 2,986 tCO2e emissions globally with Climate Neutral in 2022. For reference, reducing a footprint by 1,000 tonnes is roughly equal to removing 230 passenger vehicles from the road for one year. Since we undertook these measures to become Climate Neutral Certified, we have offset a total 6,539 tCO2e!

To celebrate these efforts, and Earth Day, we’ve created a 100% organic limited-edition cap with ‘Organic Inside & Out’ embroidered as a cute reminder that organics are better for our planet.  

For every cap sold, 100% of the net proceeds will go to the Organic Farming Research Foundation to support research and education on sustainable harvesting practices.  

What Is Climate Neutrality? 

A state in which human activities results in no net effort on the climate system. 

Climate Neutral Certified brands successfully meet climate neutrality standards for measuring, offsetting, and reducing greenhouse gas emission in the making and delivery of products and services. 

What We’ve Invested In 

To compensate for our measured carbon emissions, support our climate neutrality designation and take responsibility for historical emissionswe’ve invested in the following projects: 

  • Reduced Forestation 
  • Reforestation 
  • Wind Energy Support 
  • Solar Power Generation 
  • Improved Forest Management 
  • Bioenergy Generation. 
KORA Organics Earth Day Organic Inside and Out

Good For The Earth—Good For You 

Did you know?  

Organic farming involves less pollution, less soil erosion and less energy than non-organic harvesting practices.  

Organic and sustainable harvesting practices, which is how KORA Organics sources its Certified Organic ingredients, produce less waste yet more antioxidants. 

We know this thanks to our long-time partner, the Organic Farming Research Foundation, who spend countless hours researching, educating, empowering and lobbying for sustainable harvesting practices.      

Learn more about it here! 

Organic Inside & Out Baseball Hat KORA

Happy Earth Day 

When you purchase our Organic Inside & Out Hat, 100% of the net proceeds will go to the foundation to support research and education on sustainable harvesting practices.

Spread the Organic Word 

We encourage you to spread the ‘organic’ word and share your hat on your social channels to show your support for organic farming systems and, in turn, a healthy eco-system. 

With love,  

KORA Organics


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