Our Go-To Turmeric Morning Ritual

Our Go-To Turmeric Morning Ritual

Updated on 29th August 2023 at 1:41 pm

We revere this spicy morning ritual for talked-about chic glow. 

The reason we’re slightly obsessed with Turmeric is because it has potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties (to name just a few). We use this ancient Ayurvedic-belonging spice in our blends for brightly glowing skin—and take it internally, equally, for radiant health.  

This daily ritual doubles down on the power of Turmeric—to feed our skin inside and out.  

A Turmeric Morning Ritual

As a general tule: Turmeric can be used on all skin types and concerns.

We often call on this root ingredient in our line-up of products to boost skin health, soothe sensitive skin and redness, and to brighten and even skin tone and pigment.

Here’s why we love it in the morning:  

One | A Turmeric Cleansing + Exfoliating Ritual 


Whether at your basin with a washcloth, or under running water in the shower. Begin by cleansing with our Turmeric Glow Foaming Cleanser.

It’s vital to wash away impurities and dead skin cells that accumulate on your skins’ surface overnight. (Unseen to the naked eye.)  


Exfoliate away dull skin on your face, and body, with our Turmeric Brightening & Exfoliating Mask and Turmeric Body Scrub. Miranda chooses to use our facial mask as a scrub in the shower each morning, as does her husband, Evan. 

Tip-to-toe Turmeric exfoliation is the path for smooth, supple and soft skin—as well as keeping congestion to a minimum. All skin types can benefit!  


After patting your skin dry, finish with our divine Turmeric Glow Moisturizer for true Turmeric nourishment.

This cult-followed blend is an abundant botanical fusion of Turmeric, Noni, and Licorice extract to deeply hydrate and visibly level-out fine lines and wrinkles. It’s so soft and luxurious feeling!

Use AM serums before and face oil and SPF after. 

A Turmeric Elixir For Detoxifying Chef Kate & Holly Kent

Two | A Turmeric Morning Tonic Ritual  

We reach for this Turmeric power elixir for a shot of energy first thing. It’s akin to an immuno-boosting caffeine hit yet with detoxifying qualities.

It’s ideal if you’re wanting to hang up your coffee habit—and swap it for something a little more nutritious and energy sustaining.

We also love these Turmeric & Apricot Bliss Balls for snacking throughout the day—they’re absolutely delicious!

We ADORE all things Turmeric for boosting skin health—inside and out—morning and night!

With love,

KORA Organics


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