Part 3 – Meditation

Part 3 – Meditation

For the final part of Amy‘s 3 part series on how we can transition from a state of stress to stillness, Amy has provided us with a guided meditation.

Sitting in easy pose, relax the arms down with the elbows slightly bent in front of your body 1 inch above your naval. Place your palms up, resting the right hand in the palm of the left with the thumb tips touching. Eyes gaze at the tip of the nose (if you are a beginner and this is challenging, option to keep eyes closed while gazing towards nose).

Deeply inhale and completely exhale while chanting the mantra “Sat Nam Sat Nam Sat Nam Sat Nam Sat Nam Sat Nam Wa He Guru” three times on only one breath. Sat Nam = Truth is my identity. Wahe = Wow, an exclamation of wonder. Guru = that which brings us out of the darkness and into the light. Wahe Guru is used to express gratitude to the infinite, celebrate the flow of the divine, and to bow in humility to the wonders of this world.

Start with 3 minutes and work your way up to 11 minutes or longer (31 minutes). Consider practicing daily for up to 40 days.

To end, inhale and completely exhale 5 times. Inhale, stretch arms over head as high as possible. Exhale and relax arms down. Repeat twice.

Benefits of this meditation include:

  1. Enables the brain to maintain its equilibrium under stress or sudden shock by balancing the left hemisphere of the brain with the base of the right hemisphere (the two hemispheres of our brain react differently under stress/shock).
  2. Keeps the nerves from being shattered when stressed or in shock. 
  3. Uses the power of the mantra combined with the rhythm of the breath to create balance and stability. 

Sat Nam.

Much love,
Amy XO

Amy Shea is a Kundalini yoga student, teacher, meditative healer, and transition coach. She also offers strategic talent guidance to nonprofit organizations and for-profit companies with a focus on social good. Amy lives in the Ojai valley where she finds joy in spending her days sharing yoga, hiking the local trails, and cooking up healing, comfort foods.

Amy brings her love and wisdom of teaching and coaching to offer heart-opening and peaceful experiences that will help connect and heal the body, mind, and soul and allow you to discover your authentic self.


Amy Shea shares tips for transitioning from stress to stillness

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