Meet Monday Swimwear—Tash Oakley & Dev Brugman

Meet Monday Swimwear—Tash Oakley & Dev Brugman

Updated on 4th June 2024 at 1:59 pm

Swimwear connoisseurs Natasha “Tash” Oakley and Devin “Dev” Brugman started Monday Swimwear in an effort to use their swimwear line to inspire confidence in other women with styles that complement and celebrate every shape and size. For example, the range includes tops for women up to cup size E/F. Tops are fitted to every cup size and manufactured accordingly, rather than scaling up from a size small per industry standard. The name “Monday Swimwear” is a playful nod to celebrating the joy of being in a bathing suit on a Monday (post-work, school, or simply on vacation).

Keep reading for Tash and Dev’s Q&A with Miranda to learn more about the inspirational women behind Monday Swimwear.

Q: What was your inspiration behind the new aloe collection?

A: Our Summer Collection is all about introducing new vibrant colorways that resemble the beauty of nature. The aloe plant grows wild in the tropical that has so many amazing alternative uses. We not only loved the beautiful hues of the color but what it represented!

Q: I noticed your social media feed celebrates all shapes and sizes. How does body positivity shape your brand?

A: Body positivity has always been at the core of our brand. We started Monday Swimwear around the premise of inclusivity and continue to incorporate a classic and diverse range each season. We design swimwear with every body shape in mind and want to make sure there are multiple options for each woman in our collection.

Q:  What separates Monday Swimwear from other swimwear brands?

A: Apart from our strong message of body inclusivity and body positivity, we’ve shifted our collections to be more environmentally conscious by using less plastic in our packaging materials and making a switch to materials that are sourced from natural waste products. We’re also an entirely female-run brand based in Los Angeles and pride ourselves on our diverse team.

Q: What challenges are you commonly faced with as two female founders and how do you overcome them?

A: Tash and I try not to look at our challenges as “challenges” and more as learning experiences and growing pains of being founders. We’re so lucky being in a female-dominated industry and the swimwear industry, in particular, is so welcoming and has always been so kind to us.

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We are proud to partner with Monday Swimwear, a brand rooted in empowering women. With a like-minded mission to celebrate women, KORA Organics has a very similar goal, to spread positivity and self-love. Our Certified Organic and natural product range is suitable for all skin types, skin tones, and ages.

Together, we can have a valuable and lasting impact on body positivity and female empowerment.


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