The Power of Gratitude

The Power of Gratitude

Updated on 16th April 2024 at 7:47 am

The Power of Gratitude

This month we’re celebrating Gratitude, so we thought we’d share with you again Miranda’s personal blog post on gratitude, and what it means to her.

We hope you enjoy.

The KORA Organics team xxx

I was raised from a very young age to always give thanks and show gratitude – especially for the little things that are easy to take for granted.

Gratitude to me is the quality of being thankful, and the readiness to show kindness and appreciation to those around you.

It’s understandable that we’re often so busy planning our future and chasing our dreams that we can forget to be present, and in turn, forget to be grateful because we’re already chasing, or focusing on, the next thing.

Taking time at the beginning of each day to appreciate all you have, and focusing on that rather than what you don’t have, can transform your day, and the day of those around you. Take a moment to relish in your achievements, and celebrate all you have accomplished in life, be thankful for your health, your loved ones, that the sun is shining or appreciate that rain is falling to benefit the beauty in nature that surrounds you.

By putting good and positivity out there, you can attract more positivity and good into your life, which in turn can enhance your wellbeing, optimism and happiness.

It would be remiss of me not to mention it’s also important to be grateful for life’s challenges – we all have them, and it’s these challenges that serve as lessons to allow us to grow and expand. So use challenges to your advantage, not to your detriment.

Here are three simple ways to inspire more gratitude:

Pen to paper

Write down in a gratitude journal each morning three things that you are grateful for that day. Be present when you do this to make it more meaningful, and to truly connect with what it is. When we acknowledge something we are grateful for in this way, it can increase in its value as you are able to realize and appreciate its full worth.

Acts of kindness

Positive emotions can flourish with one simple act of kindness. If you see someone who needs help, offer a hand; make a donation to charity or volunteer your time; smile at the person who you are passing on the street. This can inspire others who have been the beneficiary of your kindness to also extend kindness to others.

Say thank you

If you appreciate someone for what they have done, you both experience more positive emotions. Take moment to think of someone who you’ve been meaning to thank and pick up the phone, write an email or a letter, and thank them and express your gratitude and appreciation.

Gratitude has the ability to bring happiness, contentment, peace and serenity. It opens our heart and our mind to embrace positive thinking. I’d love to hear how you incorporate gratitude in your day.

Much love,

Miranda xxx


2 thoughts on “The Power of Gratitude

  1. Liz

    Hi, Miranda,
    We are on the same page. I received a gratitude diary Christmas just gone and every day I write in
    it and say what I am grateful for. Yes its amazing and beautiful to see the most simplest things we take for granted can be the most precious. I am truly grateful for all I have in my life and have always been like this also from a very young age. I see the beauty and wonder in everything or I try too and I try and make a difference in peoples lives every day. You are truly inspirational and keep up the amazing work you do.

  2. Rebecca

    I absolutely love this I have a 365 days devotional each month has a positive quote, a motivational verse and and positive goal for the day at the bottom of it another really good one is Joyce Meyer’s Power Thoughts devotional in which she helps you replace any bad thoughts that can creep into our minds and replace it with a positive truth or affirmation. I really love your positive outlook I believe immensly that we should wake up with a positiveattitudeas it sets presidence for our day.

    Rebecca xx


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