The Moon & You

The Moon & You

My name is Shiva Rose, Founder of The Local Rose blog, Shiva Rose Beauty and author of Whole Beauty, Daily Rituals and Natural Recipes for Lifelong Beauty and Wellness. Everything that I have created and offer to the world are intended to teach others how to connect with the healing elements of the earth, sun and moon.  
You may be wondering, why are we talking about the moon now? You may have noticed that there is a major shift happening on this planet right now. The moon and all its glory and power is starting to shine again, coming out of a long exile or an eclipse. 
As a society, we are becoming more aware of the connection to older ways of living in harmony with our planet. At the same time, women’s rights and voices are starting to come to the surface as well to be seen, heard and acknowledged. And that is not by surprise, there is a direct correlation between the moon and earth reemerging and the feminine voice. 
Let’s first understand the connection between the earth and the moon. At one point in time, the moon was seen as the sister of the earth. The moon and earth were seen as one planet and the moon may have been the smaller side that broke off to create what is now known as the moon. The moon is both darkness and light – representing the rebirth happening every month. 
Slowly over time, the patriarchy began to replace moon worship with sun worship. Old Greek myths began to be reworked and libraries began to be burned down. Alexander The Great burned the libraries that carried all the ancient texts, maps, medicines that had been alive for centuries under matriarchal lineages. The sun worship eventually became a ‘son of god’ worship and then the witch hunts began and we know what happened to all the women healers, herbalists, visionaries. 
I feel maybe now, in some places in the world, in this Aquarian age, we are trying to bridge the gap between the schism that was created between men and women, masculine and feminine, sun and moon. 

I personally have bridged the schism within myself through strengthening my connection with the moon. 10 years ago, I was so depleted when getting a divorce, dealing with autoimmune flare-ups, anxiety, depression, felt lost and alone. One of the things that really helped to get back towards healing: getting nourishment and love not from another person or thing but from celestial beings: earth, moon, sun. Having that connection helped me feel the condition of love that I can’t really explain such as feeling limitless and eternal. As a way to combat feeling alone I got quiet and sat with the moon to get that connection and feel myself being filled up from the inside out. 

Shiva Rose The Moon & You course

I have just launched a course on the moon. It touches further upon the history of the moon, the moon cycles and phases, and it’s incredible connection between the feminine. In the course I will talk about how to connect with the moon through creating rituals, altars, and making teas and tonics so that you can always feel supported by the moon throughout the stages of the years, months and weeks.

My hope is that after this course you are able to feel more connected to yourself, and the incredibly powerful and nourishing moon energy. 

Shiva Rose x

Shiva Rose is the founder of the holistic lifestyle blog The Local Rose, and the creator of the natural skin care line Shiva Rose Beauty. After being diagnosed with life threatening auto immune diseases, she began her journey on the path of wellness and spirituality.

Her book Whole Beauty (published by artisan) encompasses various modalities that have enhanced her health. The book touches upon Ayurvedic practices, DIY beauty recipes, spiritual practices, Kundalini meditations, tonic recipes, guidance for crystals, and more.

Shiva brings her connection to the spiritual world with a combination of tea ceremonies, yoni egg rituals, and beauty rituals to women to assist them on their paths towards healing and feeling more vital.

She lives near the Santa Monica Mountains with her daughter Charlotte, their menagerie of animals, where they grow their own food and live close to the land.

Whole Beauty | @localrose | @shivarosebeauty

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  1. Shahn

    I would love to take part, I’ve been diagnosed with similar at a young age and would love to learn more as I have a (just turned) 4 year old son. ❤️

  2. Jessie Marie

    This article was lovely and confirmed a lot of thoughts for me. I am truly blessed by this blog. 🙏🏻


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