The KORA Clean Code

The KORA Clean Code

KORA Organics is so much more than “clean beauty” – we’re Certified Organic. Our products are toxin-free, cruelty-free and formulated with highly-active Certified Organic ingredients that deliver powerful results, leaving your skin healthy, glowing and radiant.

What is the KORA Clean Code?

Our clean code is our promise to you. A list of guarantees for what our skincare range will provide. 

Our Promise:

  • Certified Organic by COSMOS
  • Non-Toxic
  • No Artificial Fragrance
  • No GMO’s 
  • No Artificial Colors 
  • Powerful Certified Organic Ingredients 
  • Cruelty Free
KORA Organics products are officially certified by the world’s leading international certification body COSMOS-standard AISBL/Ecocert.

“Being certified organic is a rigorous and time-consuming process. Everything we do has to be approved by them from not only an ingredient and formulation standpoint but also the packing (internally & externally), as well all the verbiage that’s written on the packaging. This gives the assurance to the customer that they are getting what they are paying for – clean, quality certified organic skincare.”– Miranda Kerr

Noni Glow Face Oil on Noni Fruit Illustration

The certification process includes a yearly audit of all registered brand owners and manufacturers to ensure compliance with the strict regulations set out by the certification body. KORA Organics products include ingredients that are certified according to organic farming regulations. This includes inspections of farm fields and processing facilities, detailed record keeping and periodic testing of soil and water to ensure that growers and handlers are meeting the standards, which have been set. Certified organic foods and fiber are spared the application of toxic and persistent insecticides, herbicides, fungicides and fertilizers.

In the long run, organic farming techniques provide a safer, more sustainable environment for everyone and more and more people are becoming aware of the benefits of using and consuming certified organic products and foods.

Non-Toxic Symbol

Manufacturing certified organic products is one of the most heavily regulated processes. By achieving a Certified Organic standard, it guarantees to our customers that no synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or toxic chemicals are used in growing, harvesting and production of ingredients or in the manufacturing process. This ensures to you that our products are toxin-free. 

You will find no artificial fragrance in KORA Organics products. A lot of beauty products on the market will use artificial fragrances to cover up the smell of the chemicals used within their formulas and is often the cause for irritation to the skin.  

No GMO's

The abbreviation GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism. A GMO is an organism whose genetics have been altered using genetic engineering techniques. At KORA Organics we believe nature provides the best and our products contain No GMO’s.

No Artificial Colors

In the world we live in, mother nature provides a vast array of colors for the eyes to see. Artificial colors are often derived from a string of synthetic chemicals which could have adverse effects on your skin such as irritation or sensitivity. Our products contain no artificial colors and the colors you do see are derived from natural and organic ingredients themselves.

We believe there is Beauty in the Blend.

Each active ingredient within our products hold its own unique abilities. Not having one, but a blend of powerful ingredients to obtain maximum benefits and achieve potent results.

Our products are formulated with highly active certified organic and naturally derived ingredients, pure essential oils and botanical oils, rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids. The efficacy in our products comes from the organic nature of our ingredients. Organic is not only better for our health, well-being and the environment—it also produces more potent results upon the skin.

Powerful Certified Organic Ingredients

Did You Know?

Organically grown fruits and vegetables, like the ones used in all KORA Organics products, may produce up to 60% more* antioxidants than non-organic fruits and vegetables, while they are also free of pesticides and toxic heavy metal cadmium.

*British Journal of Nutrition Volume 112, Issue 514 September 2014, pp. 794-811.

We also conduct 3rd party consumer studies for several of our products to confirm and showcase the powerful results people are getting.

Cruelty Free

At KORA Organics, our products have never been and never will be tested on animals and are certified cruelty free, with our packaging proudly carrying the P.E.T.A logo.

“These products are not tested on animals – they are tested on me” – Miranda

Miranda works with the product development team on continually testing each product throughout the formulation process. As well as each and every KORA Organics product we create, undergoes RIPT (Repeat Insult Patch Testing) on 50+ volunteers in order to see if a product raises the risk of any skin sensitivity or allergic reactions. This is a standard procedure we follow in order to ensure customer safety and quality of ingredients.


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2 thoughts on “The KORA Clean Code

  1. Penelope

    Could you confirm that you sell Kora organics products only through e-commerce in China and thus confirm that you truly are a cruelty free brand?

    1. KORA Organics

      Hi Penelope,
      Yes correct. We sell only through the Tmall platform. Orders are fulfilled from Australia and with cross-border ecommerce via Australian businesses, animal testing is NOT required. KORA Organics products are never tested on animals and are cruelty free.
      KORA Organics xxx


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