The Energetics of Angelica

The Energetics of Angelica

Intuitive Healer, Holly Star, specialises in herbal medicine and energetic healing. In this blog she looks at the energetics of Angelica, a herb plant in which the root, seed, and fruit can all be used to support and uplift ones self and surroundings.

The use of herbs, essences, and plant medicines are fundamental tools for growth, healing, and energetic support. I use plants to help facilitate health, and mental and spiritual growth. You can use herbs as  aromatherapy or take internally to receive results in change of mood, to energetically support a temporary field for shifting perspectives or to alter you mind set.


When using Angelica I focus on creating a sense of safety as it holds a high frequency to help uplift or shift into a new way of being. Angelica can lead to a higher state of peace and clarity. It is also great for the nervous system, as it has sedative qualities that can be used for any stressful thoughts, anxiety and fears. It has a way of relaxing the mind and body, and making one “feel held”. 


  • Dilute Angelica oil with carrier oils and do a full body massage or place near the head, i.e. head massage or third eye ointment. 

  • Place Angelica oil in a diffuser during meditation. I find Angelica is great for gaining clarity in meditation and can be helpful in reaching higher states, and feeling a sense of higher community.

  • Combine Angelica with a mix of Chamomile flowers for a gentle, sweet, yet very powerful tea. This can be great for insomnia when sipped on, to help relax and ease the mind and body.

  • Angelica is part of the parsley family, so having a cup of tea if you have an upset stomach can do wonders.

  • I love using this in the home as well to uplift the frequency of the home, burning just a bit of the root, brings a sense of positivity, uplifting qualities and I feel this herb is connected to the angels, so connects the home to them as well.
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*Please check with a medical professional if you have any health issues including diabetes, low immunity or are pregnant before taking internally.

Holly Star x

Holly Star works as an Intuitive Healer internationally, she teaches meditations, does personal healings, and space clearings for homes and businesses. She works with businesses to create a serene and balanced workspace while optimizing growth. She specializes in tracking and reading information, and invites people’s truest self to be embraced. Holly works and travels, throughout the world for the better of people’s hearts and soul. Her background in herbal medicine and energetic healing works for her to create products that are in the alignment of the souls journey. |


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