The Correct Order To Apply Skin Care Products

The Correct Order To Apply Skin Care Products

Knowing which order to apply skin care products can be confusing, but it can be essential in getting the most of your skin care products. When layering skin care products an easy way to think of how to layer is to start with the lightest or thinnest product and work your way through to the heavier or thicker consistency products. Because we want to see you achieve glowing, healthy skin, here’s the breakdown of the skin care routine order to get the best results from your products. 

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Cleansing is skincare 101. The first step of your skin care routine order should always be to cleanse. It’s one of the most important things to do in your skincare routine. Not cleansing will impact the effectiveness of your entire routine.

Overnight your skin undergoes repair and regeneration, with sweat and bacteria coming into play. Cleanse in the morning to start the day with a clean canvas.

Cleansing before bed is a must. Cleansing at night removes any sunscreen, makeup, dirt or environmental pollution that has built up over the day. Double cleanse if you’ve had heavy makeup on.

Miranda Milky Mushroom Gentle Cleansing Oil

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It’s treatment time. Straight after cleansing is the perfect time to apply any treatment products such as masks or exfoliators.

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Our mists are your toner. Misting helps to balance pH levels, refine pores, protect the skin and provide hydration. Toners also help prime your skin for the application of serums, oils and moisturisers for optimum absorption and hydration. Now all you have to do is pick your favourite!

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Like juice shots for your skin. Serums are lightweight and contain a high concentration of active ingredients to target specific skin concerns. 

Serums are best applied after toners, as toners help the highly active ingredients found in serums to absorb deep into the skin. Serums also tend to have common water base. Water-based products are attracted to each other and penetrate the skin best.

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Moisturizing is a natural way to protect and reintroduce lost moisture into the skin for a feeling of rehydrated freshness. A necessary and nutritious step in your daily routine!

Our moisturizers are clean, certified organic nourishing and ultrahydrating! Our Turmeric Gold Moisturizer has a custom liposome built to specifically target the appearance of hyperpigmentation, dark spots, dullness and fine lines & wrinkles.

Miranda Turmeric Gold Moisturizer

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It’s time to oil up! Oils mimic our natural sebum production, making them ideal in providing essential nutrients that help to nourish and repair damaged skin while protecting the skin’s barrier. Oils have a larger molecule and the general rule is oils can penetrate moisturisers and serums, but not vice versa. However, our blends work in synergy so you can use our Noni Glow Face Oil before or after you moisturise! If your skin is extremely dry, damaged or rough texture, then we recommend applying a few drops after moisturising.

TIP: Miranda likes to mix a few drops of Noni Glow Face Oil with her KORA Organics Moisturizer and apply in one application.

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Go gently! The delicate skin around the eyes is much thinner than skin elsewhere on the face and requires more TLC. Eye treatments help to gently boost hydration, smooth, tone and brighten the eye area for a youthful glow. We suggest layering both our eye treatments—morning and night—for maximum nourishment and powerful results. First applying Noni Radiant Eye Oil and then following with our Berry Bright Vitamin C Eye Cream. Gently patting in the blends with a fingertip to ensure you are not over working the fragile skin.


You can apply our Noni Glow Sleeping Mask as the last step of your skin care routine orde.

KORA Organics Noni Glow Sleeping Mask with Goop
The Correct Order to Apply Your Skin Care


Although we’ve given you the skincare steps in order, you don’t need overthink or be as strict. Our products do not contain any silicones and therefore will absorb into your skin and work no matter what order you apply them.


In the morning always apply an SPF sun protection or sun protection clothing and accessories to help combat harmful UV rays.


Often overlooked, it’s important to extend your skincare steps in order to your neck and décolletage. The skin of your neck and décolletage is thinner, has less oil glands, loses elasticity faster and is often exposed to environmental elements such as sun damage, pollution and makeup. Neglecting to nourish your neck and décolletage can result in premature aging. Your neck and décolletage deserve just as much attention as your face.


Between each step, wait until the product has absorbed to then move onto your next step. While you’re waiting you can brush and floss your teeth, drink some water, make your morning tea or coffee, use our Rose Quartz Heart Facial Sculptor to massage the product in, or pick out your outfit for today or tomorrow.

Remember healthy skin is the most beautiful skin!

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23 thoughts on “The Correct Order To Apply Skin Care Products

  1. Beverly

    Thank you so much for this information! I’ve been waiting for a post like this. How many minutes does each product need to soak into the skin (between steps)?

    1. KORA Organics

      Hi Beverly,
      Great to hear you are loving this blog post! Product absorption can vary between skin types and also what products you are using i.e. usually a mist absorbs quicker than an oil etc. It is best to monitor how quickly your products absorb the product but generally a minute would suffice.
      KORA Organics xxx

  2. Carly

    This article is great!! I’ve always been unsure what order to mist, moisturise and oil and if I could mix my oil into the moisturiser. Thanks for sorting it for me 💕 👏

  3. Kelly Miotti

    Quickly confirming, the sleeping mask, goes on after the moisturiser etc. Not as a stand alone overnight mask?

    Thank you for this. With so many products, it is not always easy to determine or understand the best order and combinations for maximum results. Especially outside the initial three step programme.

    Thank you. More posts like this would be very welcome.

    1. KORA Organics

      Hi Kelly,
      There are a few ways you can use the Noni Glow Sleeping Mask. As an overnight mask, you can either apply it straight after you’ve cleansed or at the very end of your routine. You can also use it as a mask for a quick hydration boost. Applying a thicker layer and leaving on for 15 minutes and then rinse.
      KORA Organics xxx

  4. Jules

    I love this breakdown. I often wonder am I applying this I. COrrwct order and now I know for sure. thank you!

  5. Amalia Reynoso

    Wow! Thank you so much Kora Organics and Miranda. Sure anyone can buy skin care products but not everyone knows the right ways to use them. And I speak for myself as well. I didn’t know most of these steps, tips, and tricks. I will uses these tips from now on. Thanks, much love!

    1. Steph

      I’d love to know about a Kora Organics SPF treatment – and a tinted SPF cream would be amazing too!

  6. Kiran

    I am a big Kora fan! Since I have started using the products I am feeling so beautiful inside and out💕 I actually can’t wait to get up in the morning and use my Daily Ritual🌸 Love Kora products!!

    1. KORA Organics

      Hi Selma,

      Treatment products are generally used 2-3 times a week. We do say you can use our Noni Glow Sleeping Mask nightly if you wish. The best thing to do is start off sparingly and increase use if your skin is not reacting. If you have sensitive skin it’s always best to patch test products before use as well.

      KORA Organics

  7. Celie Mills

    Thankyou so so much for this post Miranda Kerr.
    I was confused on how to correctly apply each product but you have made it m ugh simpler with this post. I love Kora Organics for soo many reasons. 1, It’s all Certified Organic. 2, All products are animal free and tested on Miranda herself. 3, Kora Organics is an Australian company. Hello Miranda from Queensland Australia.
    4, Each product really works from the first application. 5, All products smell divine. Thank you Miranda for introducing the world to thee best skincare ever. I refuse to use anything else. I love❤️🙏 you Miranda Kerr.

  8. Audrey

    Hi there!
    I have oily skin that’s prone to having pimples, how should I introduce the face oil into my routine?

    Are all the Noni oil similar in ingredients, eg: the Noni Face Oil and the one for the eyes?

    Thank You!

  9. Gav

    I always apply the oil before the moisturiser and after serums. I find it absorbs better into my skin and I get the best results that way. If I oil after I moisturise, the oil seems to sit on top of my skin. For me, applying the moisturiser last seems to ‘lock’ everything in. Love every single one of these products! My skin has never looked and felt so good!

  10. Aimee

    Such a good article! – just wondering in the morning when is the best stage to apply an spf, and does the application of oil increase risk of sun damage at all (ie should I just replace the oil step with an spf in the morning). Additionally, if you were applying makeup this would be done on top of moisturiser and spf?


  11. Valerie

    I saw Miranda, promoting her skin care products on a morning show recently and said to myself, I should start taking care of my skin more. I’m getting into the habit of making the time to properly cleanse my skin and follow the steps, which i have to keep reflecting on and making sure I’m using the right products in order.

    I’m loving the feel of the products and it’s feeling of freshness on my skin. My husband has dry skin and uses another branded product to moisture his skin. The other night I suggested him try the tumerick moisturiser and he told he his skin wasn’t itchy and what was the cream I used and that he should use it all the time… my response to him was “ lol take it easy…. that stuff is expensive” haha.

    Thank you Miranda. Thank you for being in TV, I flicked the channel over at the right moment.


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