What Is Visualization & How Do I Use It?

What Is Visualization & How Do I Use It?

Updated on 27th December 2023 at 4:55 pm

Recently I was walking around my new home in the countryside of Texas, when I realized that I had manifested pretty much everything I was experiencing. About a decade ago, when I was healing from autoimmune issues and a broken heart, I began to use the art of manifestation to create a better life. I truly know and believe now that the meditations and visualizations I did daily back then, brought me to where I am today.

Using Kundalini yoga meditations, driving while playing mantras, prayers, hiking or walking with intentions . . . these were all the portals I used to create my future reality. There are however a few key components to utilize when visualizing and manifesting.

One of the keys are to match a clear intention with an elevated feeling. Staying in that energy field and feeling the feeling of being in your future self helps the unconscious see what it is achieving. I’m sure many of you heard and read about how most of our lives are created from the unconscious. This is why it is crucial to start watching our thoughts to see what narrative our minds are in. If you find yourself thinking negative thoughts, then it is vital to stop those and replace with positive images and thoughts.

To enhance a manifestation or visualization, you must feel the emotion you are wanting. A trick I turn to is to play a mantra, look out a window and watch the film of my future playing. It is about imagination, and then feeling the joy or elation of having the things I am yearning for.


For example right now, I am envisioning a family dinner for the holidays with my children and my partner’s children, all laughing and eating at a long wooden table under some twinkling lights. I am seeing all the details in my mind’s eye from the music playing, to the ingredients in the meal I am serving. Seeing, and feeling the feelings of what that dinner will be like makes it almost program my unconscious in a way that it will become reality.

In recent years we have learned so much about neuroscience, and how we can use the cutting edge of discoveries with the wisdom of ancient techniques. Incredible teachers like Dr. Joe Dispenza have shown us that we can actually rewire our brains through meditation. Kundalini yoga for me was the gateway to this idea since it allowed me to calm my conscious brain enough, so I could start visualizing with my unconscious.

I also try to use the simple method of walking or hiking as my visualization time. When the body is active, and breathe is moving through the body, your conscious self, or ego can’t run the show. This is the time when I begin to play whatever future reality I would like to create.

Remember you are a powerful creator and author of the novel of your life.

Shiva Rose

Shiva Rose is the founder of the holistic lifestyle blog The Local Rose, and the creator of the natural skin care line, Shiva Rose Beauty. After being diagnosed with life threatening auto immune diseases, she began her journey on the path of wellness and spirituality.

Her book Whole Beauty (published by Artisan) encompasses various modalities that have enhanced her health. The book touches upon Ayurvedic practices, DIY beauty recipes, spiritual practices, Kundalini meditations, tonic recipes, guidance for crystals, and more.

Shiva brings her connection to the spiritual world with a combination of tea ceremonies, yoni egg rituals, and beauty rituals to women to assist them on their paths towards healing and feeling more vital.

She lives near the Santa Monica Mountains with her daughter Charlotte, their menagerie of animals, where they grow their own food and live close to the land.

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