The Graceful Art of Non-Attachment

The Graceful Art of Non-Attachment

“Our journey is about being more deeply involved in life and yet less attached to it.” – Ram Dass

Do you find yourself experiencing life as one long roller coaster ride based on what happens or are you separate from and at peace with how things unfold in your life?

Are you attached or unattached to the outcomes or what happens next in life?

What Is Non-Attachment?

An exhale. A deep release. Non-attachment is letting go. Letting go of outcomes or what will be. Letting go of thoughts, feelings, circumstances, expectations, people, places, things. An acceptance of what comes and goes. An encouragement of the mind to focus on the world as it is rather than how we think it is. In a state of non-attachment, we allow life to unfold naturally without being attached to anything. It’s being in the flow, living in the moment, witnessing free from judgment, and experiencing true freedom.

A Buddhist concept, non-attachment allows one to experience inner peace and liberation. It’s a perspective that increases mindfulness and awareness and reduces expectations and desires. It’s not avoiding or numbing our thoughts and emotions, but being fully present and accepting them while simultaneously knowing that they are fleeting. When we free ourselves from attachment, our life is transformed. We feel more positive, loving, grounded, and one with the universe. Non-attachment is living in a state of ultimate enlightenment.

What Is Attachment?

Attachment, on the other hand, is about fear, dependency. It’s living in the fear that what we want will not materialize and can trap us in a continuous state of desire. Attachments are ultimately what cause us to suffer. They hold us back because we do not want to accept change. And yet change is constant. 

Change is transformation and growth. Several things can obstruct our ability to be present and accept change, such as negative thoughts and emotions, toxic people and situations, expectations for ourselves and others. Most of us go about our days obstructed and in a state of attachment to something.

The Art of Non-Attachment | Amy Shea | Image credit | arusfly-unsplash
The Art of Non-Attachment | Amy Shea | Image credit | daniel-mingook-kim-unsplash

So, how do we cultivate non-attachment? 

How do we let go of our thought-patterns, emotions, desires, habits that no longer serve us? 

Check out these tips to help us practice non-attachment:

Stay Present + Mindful

Breathe. Breath always brings us back to the present moment. Focus on and engage in the here and now. Begin paying attention to our thoughts and feelings in every moment. Focus on one thought or emotion at a time. Be mindful of everything we do, every thought we have. Be engaged in and aware of what we are thinking and doing while we are thinking and doing it with compassion.

Practice Allowing + Accepting

Allow life to be as it is. Accept things as they are, not how we want them to be. Allow what may come to come and let go of what no longer serves our higher purpose. When we let go of outcomes and accept what is, we experience our freedom.

The Art of Non-Attachment | Amy Shea | Image credit | priyanka-karmakar-unsplash

Embrace Change

Accept that change is an integral part of life. Life is cyclical. Everything changes. Just as we embrace the seasons, trees losing their leaves each fall and blooming again every spring, we can embrace the change of anything. Look at change as an opportunity, a new growth adventure with the potential to positively affect our lives.

Meditate To Know Our Higher Self

Set aside time to be quiet and still with ourselves. When we quiet the mind, focus on our breath, and drop into our hearts, we can access our higher self. Our higher self is not attached to anything outside of us because they innately know everything we will ever need lies within.

Wishing you a sweet journey to letting go and exhaling into non-attachment.

Much love and many blessings, Amy xo

“Consider the trees which allow the birds to perch and fly away without either inviting them to stay or desiring them never to depart. If your heart can be like this, you will be near to the Way.” – A Zen saying.

Amy Shea is a Kundalini yoga student, teacher, meditative healer, and transition coach. She also offers strategic talent guidance to nonprofit organizations and for-profit companies with a focus on social good. Amy lives in the Ojai valley where she finds joy in spending her days sharing yoga, hiking the local trails, and cooking up healing, comfort foods.

She has been practicing various types of yoga for years, discovered Kundalini in 2007, and began teaching in 2008. She teaches Kundalini, Prenatal (The Khalsa Way), Mommy & Me, and is also certified in Light Leaders and Y.O.G.A. for Youth.

Amy brings her love and wisdom of teaching and coaching to offer heart-opening and peaceful experiences that will help connect and heal the body, mind, and soul and allow you to discover your authentic self. She guides students along the journey into self-discovery, the open and loving heart, and the connection to humanity. She brings a calm and nurturing manner to her classes and offers a space for all to feel safe and have fun. Known for her peaceful and heart-opening approach, she has shared Kundalini Yoga with the masses as a frequent contributor to wellness brands.

Amy has a deep respect for the beauty of pregnancy and childbirth and is devoted to sharing the gifts of The Khalsa Way to support mothers-to-be on their journey to motherhood. Also, she believes yoga and meditation are extremely beneficial in the development of children’s education, physical fitness, and social awareness. In years past, Amy and a team lead an annual event, One World Peace Day, full of yoga, mediation, dancing and activities to help teens explore their individuality, understand their own power, voice, and influence on one another and the world.


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