The Application of Essential Oils, Part 2

The Application of Essential Oils, Part 2

Continuing our discussion on essential oil application, so what do they have to do with the demands of modern living; when we continue to expect more of ourselves; others/relationships and our peers/careers than ever before? How can these catalysts of change help us when we continue to feel time poor; as we strive to excel at home, work and play (because we want it all), when we push ourselves to meet deadlines, fulfill even the most unrealistic goals; and… we want to make money, have fun, be successful, be loved, nurtured and on and on our wish list goes.

Well, maybe they can help us make the small and effective changes to our body and mind by simply deploying them in our everyday skin and body care regimes. All it takes is ‘choice’ and ‘action’.

It can be as simple as using skin and body care products that contain certified organic essential oils, so that when you moisturize your skin your are addressing the state of your skin and body as they are absorbed into the underlying tissue and organs.

Choose to incorporate them into your daily self pampering rituals; such as taking a bath, shower (make both an aromatic experience), use them to vaporize into your home, board room or hotel suite; to help influence the way you feel, think and act. Continue to employ self empowering, proactive measures when addressing your health and wellness. The Shimizu corporation in Japan used essential oil of peppermint in the work place and found that it increased productivity and reduced work error by 50%.

Above all remain respectful of such potent plant extracts; they are 70 times more potent than the plant or herb they are extracted from.

Always follow the directions of use and recommended dosage level for pregnant women, adults, children and infants so that you can confidently and safely explore so many other methods of use. There are so many ways to care for yourselves and others and the essential oils do all the work for you. Who would have thought that smelling an essential oil/blend when applying your moisturizer could also affect the way you feel and think in that moment?

Other methods of use include; vaporization, compressing, aromatic showers, sitz baths, hand and foot baths, hair rinses, inhalations, perfumes and room sprays.

In Summary; essential oils can help us maintain a healthier way of living. They generally improve our vitality and increase our confidence and self-esteem. All these elements form the basis of good health. Essential oils are supporting catalysts for change, they are not ‘cure alls’, they too require our support to help us help ourselves; remaining vigilant with our diet, exercise and healthy habits will go a long way to achieve a well balanced life. Choosing certified organic where possible especially with regards our essential oil.

I invite you to make the changes you desire as you embrace the wonderful world of Aromatherapy… Enjoy!

Judith White


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