Tea With Miranda

Tea With Miranda

Tea can provide us with comfort, it can make everyday moments shared with friends and family special, and it can even help reduce stress with its soothing qualities. Tea can also be so versatile with its flavor variations and ways you can enjoy it, plus it’s a great way to boost your daily water intake! 

Find out below why Miranda Loves tea time with her Royal Albert collection and her top tea tips.

Why Miranda loves Tea

Miranda’s love for tea stems from her grandmother. As a child, Miranda’s grandmother would share tea with Miranda using her beautiful Royal Albert tea sets. Forming a special memory and place in Miranda’s heart, this lead to the blossoming collaboration with Royal Albert to design her own collection that her grandmother would be proud of.

The Inspiration Behind Miranda’s Design

Inspired by her love of nature, Miranda used her favorite flower, peonies, as well as butterflies in her collection design as they symbolise transformation, joy and growth. Miranda wanted the collection to be an uplifting and inspiring experience that you can share with friends or family or even with yourself for some me-time. The gorgeous designs add a pop of color and joy to any moment.

“Turn any cup of tea into a special moment, whether shared together or enjoyed alone.” – Miranda

Miranda Kerr pouring tea with Royal Albert tea set

Miranda’s Tea Tips

Favorite Time and Place

MK: “My favorite time and place to have a cup of tea is normally outside, while the kids are napping. I’ll take a pot tea out there with me and have my back to the sun, really take in nature around me. I get to take a moment for me, to help me reset and renenergize. Use it almost like a mini meditation. Even if it’s just five minutes.”

Favorite Teas

MK: “I love all different herbal teas, Lemon Balm, Fresh Thyme or Mint Tea with hot water and honey or an Earl Grey Tea with a splash of hemp milk and teaspoon of honey. I also love Yogi Teas, as there’s an uplifting affirmation on each tea bag.”

Miranda Kerr pouring tea with Royal Albert tea set

Tea in Her Nighttime Routine

MK: “At nighttime I love to turn the fireplace on or light a candle, dim the lights and play some relaxing music. Everynight I’ll make a chamomile or mint tea for my husband and I. It’s a moment where we can connect with each other and catch up on our day when they kids are in bed. It’s a great way to help relax and unwind. I also love to have a tea in the bath!”

Keeping a Little Bit of Home With Her

MK: When I’m travelling I also take a teacup with me so it feels like I have a little bit of home with me no matter where I am.

Watch more of Miranda’s Tea Tips here.

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