Staying Productive During Times Of Stress

Staying Productive During Times Of Stress

Since my recent blog on self-care, I have received a lot of messages and questions about how I’ve been managing the stay-at-home and isolation restrictions. So, I thought I’d share some of the things I have been doing to pass the time productively and keep my mind occupied.

Indulge in your passion

Whether it’s cooking, music or reading, now is the perfect time to invest in finding or expanding on your passions, or things that bring you joy. The kitchen is the heart of my home, so I’ve really loved tackling some new dishes, I’ve been trying tons of the recipes from my friend Anthony William’s book, Cleanse to Heal.

Plant a garden

It’s also a great time to start your own home garden. Whether it’s planting your own herbs and vegetables outside or growing a little batch in your kitchen. I love going out each morning to see what new plant has grown overnight, and the kids love it too! There’s a great company my friend told me about that specializes in solutions for different environments called Vege-pod, they come in all shapes and sizes and it makes growing your own produce easy. You can also use a small planter you have at home and grow your own herbs or produce by any windowsill.

Tick off something on your bucket list

If you have a little extra time on your hands, this is a great opportunity to tick something off your bucket list like learning a new language or skill, like an instrument. I’ve been learning French on and off over the last few years, so I’ve been using this time to expand my knowledge and vocabulary of this beautiful language. My Grandmother taught me how to play the piano when I was a little girl, so I’ve been practicing by doing lessons with Flynn. It’s such a fun activity to do together and a great way to keep him entertained. There’s a wide selection of free online tutorials, so learning a language or instrument has never been easier.

Miranda playing piano while wearing KORA Organics Turmeric Brightening & Exfoliating Mask

Declutter and Donate

This is a great time to go through your home and donate items you no longer need to charity. I find organizing and decluttering really cleansing, and I actually enjoy it! It allows you to reorganize everything more effectively, so you can see what you have more clearly. It also allows you to clear space and make room for new things. I’ve gone through my pantry, wardrobe and the kids’ clothing over the past few weeks.

I recently did a Wellness Wednesday chat with Marie Kondo, who is the guru of organizing and tidying, and you can watch the video here.

Staying connected

Now more than ever, it’s really important to stay connected with friends and family, as it’s easy to feel isolated and alone. Check in regularly, reminisce, laugh, cry if you need to, plan for the future, and most importantly ask if everyone is doing ok. Snapchat is my go-to for staying connected with all my friends and family around the world. We love interacting in real time and have lots of fun using the lenses.

Gratitude Journal

What I’ve found really helpful during this time is my gratitude journal. Every morning I write down three things I am grateful for, then at night before bed I write down three things that made me smile during the day. Implementing this practice into my daily routine generates more gratitude in my life.

Map out a daily routine that includes mental and physical care

As you may know, regular meditation helps me stay calm and centered, and has been an important tool for me to navigate the past few months. I try to meditate at least twice a day – morning & night, and sometimes during the day when I can. In the morning, it helps me to set my intention for the day, so I start the day with a positive mindset. During the middle of the day it helps me re-focus so I can best navigate through any challenges; and at night it’s great to let go of the day and unwind for a deep restful sleep.

I also love Kundalini yoga because it’s a deeper form of meditation, in addition to a physical yoga workout. It involves movement, breathing techniques, meditation and the chanting of mantras, such as Sat Nam, meaning “truth is my identity.” It helps build physical vitality, strengthen the nervous system, and expand lung capacity. I feel energized, recharged and reset after a Kundalini yoga session.
Miranda Kerr doing yoga pose on mat

I hope this offers some inspiration.

Sending much love to you all,
Miranda xxx


2 thoughts on “Staying Productive During Times Of Stress

  1. Jade Duong

    Thank you so much for sharing Miranda! You are my inspiration ? I’m so glad to find out that we have a couple of points in common.. I also love Nutrition, cooking, reading, skin care, Meditation (Qi Gong) and Rose Quartz ? and I also have many books of Anthony William ?

  2. Claire

    Such a lovely and helpful article! Thank you Miranda ? nice to read something relatable at times like now. Also have wanted to learn French for awhile so something I will look into doing! Hope you are well ?


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