Organic Skin Priming | Patrick Ta & Miranda Kerr

Organic Skin Priming | Patrick Ta & Miranda Kerr

Updated on 19th December 2023 at 8:58 pm

We loved this video of Patrick Ta and Miranda—and the soft pink he chose for this very wearable look. Patrick perfectly primed Miranda’s skin with our Minty Mineral Hydration MistActive Algae Lightweight Moisturizer, Berry Bright Vitamin C Eye Cream and our Noni Glow Face Oil.

We wanted to share the video and the highlights penned below for you to add to your beauty routine.

Patrick: I’m so grateful that Miranda Kerr is in my studio today; this has been four years in the making!

Minty Mineral Hydration Mist

I want to give Miranda a nice foxy eye with a soft look, so it is still very wearable. I’m going to start by prepping Miranda’s face with the Minty Mineral Hydration Mist. I love to use this to soothe and calm the skin before any makeup application because it takes away any redness.

Miranda: It’s so uplifting as it has the aromatherapy of palo santo and peppermint oil.

Patrick: Yeah, it smells so good; it’s like I’m getting a facial.

Active Algae Lightweight Moisturizer

Moisturizing your skin is so important before any sort of makeup application because the more plump and dewy your skin is, the better foundation will lay on your skin.

I know that Miranda really loves fresh, beautiful, glowy makeup, so I’m going to put a little bit of the [Active Algae Lightweight Moisturizer] onto like the back of my palm. I love the fact that you have a moisturizer that doesn’t leave excess oil on your skin so you have a really nice healthy glow but it’s not too excessively oil. I feel like there’s a difference between looking oily and looking sweaty.

I love the fact that this is a refillable jar, and nothing goes to waste.

Miranda: So you buy the glass jar once and then the refill pods thereafter, so all you have to do is purchase the little pod again, and then you have the beautiful glass jar to keep. I designed the jar because this product is filtered through, and touches upon, aquamarine crystal.


Patrick: I’m going to start off by just priming the eyes, I think eyeshadow primer always gives you a really vibrant color on the eyes. It takes away any excess oil on your skin.

I’m going to put a little bit of foundation also onto the eyes. I know this is a little weird because I do the eyes before I do the skin, The reason why I do it, is if I do have fallout I can clean it up with a little bit moisturizer to take away any excess eyeshadow under eye.

I put foundation on first so the blend is perfect with the rest of the face. This is my second eyeshadow palette, Major Dimensions II. The look that I want to create is something very soft, something very wearable. When I was designing this palette I wanted the palette to have everyday rose and neutral tones.

I’m going to apply the cream first onto the eyelids, and by applying the cream this will give a really nice base to apply powder eyeshadow. I love when eyeshadow looks really rich and it doesn’t look too drying. By layering the two textures this gives a really beautiful finish onto the eyes. I then apply a rosy pink shade as a beautiful transition color; it’s more of a neutral pink.

I like to apply it right onto the outer end of Miranda’s eye, to give a feline effect. I apply it into the outer crease and then blend with a synthetic brush. When you apply this right onto the cream it darkens the eyeshadow, giving you a really nice, rich color.

Miranda: That probably gives more depth right?

Patrick: Yes, for photos and for red carpets. When you apply a cream underneath and add powder on top it photographs better, and you can see the color a little bit better.

Next I like to use the shade, Passion (as it is a really beautiful and warm tone) with a pencil brush onto the outer crease, into the top crease and then onto the lash line. This helps to pull out the eyes. I’m using the Mac 242 which I love because it allows me to blend the eyeshadow a lot easier.

Berry Bright Vitamin C Eye Cream 

Next I apply the Berry Bright Vitamin C Eye Cream under the eye cream. I love that this has Cloudberry in it. The reason why that I add eye cream after I do the eyeshadow is because I am able to clean up any eyeshadow underneath the eyes. The eyes are also nice and plump for concealer so there’s no creasing, and it strengthens your under eye area.

Miranda: It’s super rich and rejuvenating with Kangaroo Paw flower which is from Australia. It helps strengthen skin under the eyes and help with fine lines.

Patrick: For Miranda’s foundation, I am going to use a mixture of two colors using Armani Luminous Silk in the shade 5.5 and 5, putting a little bit onto all the areas that I want coverage.

Noni Glow Face Oil

Patrick: I put a little bit of oil into my foundation, and the oil that I’m using is Noni Glow Face Oil. It breaks down the foundation giving an effortless skin-like finish. By putting face oil in your foundation, it will firstly allow your foundation to glide easier over your skin and give a beautiful shine.

I then take a beauty blender to disperse the product into the skin. I am going to contour the face using my Major Sculpt in the shade She Sculpted.

I like to put the contour right into the hollows of the cheekbones and for that I’m using my contour brush. I feel like this brush does all of the work for you. I like to put a little bit onto the hollows of the cheekbones, onto underneath the chin and then a little bit onto the halo of the forehead. I use pressing motions to blend as you go.

After I apply it with the brush I go in with a beauty blender and merge the contour into the foundation. I like to use powder in very specific places to give dimension and look perfect in photos.

I then place a little shimmery pink right onto the center of the eyelids; I’m using my fingers because I don’t want too much product on the eyes. Then I take a brush and blend the shimmer into the rest of the eyeshadow so it’s nice, fresh and natural.


Next I am going to contour down the sides of the nose. I’m using a Scott Barnes brush and I lightly blend it into the rest of the foundation. This way it is not so harsh. Once I apply concealer and highlighter it will tone down this contour. The reason I like to contour before highlighting and concealing is because I feel like if I do it vice versa then I always apply more concealer than needed.

Now that the face is sculpted I only need to apply concealer in the areas that need more light, or more brightness. I like to blend the contour right into the brow bone as well so it blends seamlessly into the eye shadow, and the brows.

For concealer I’m going to be using a mixture of two: Nars Honey and Nars Vanilla . I am going to put this right into the under eyes like an upside down triangle. Then I will apply it down the bridge of the nose and a little onto the peak of the forehead. Then around the smile lines and onto the chin.

I do this to bring dimension back into the face. I first applied with a flat brush and I now take a blending brush and lightly blend out so there’s no harsh lines and everything blends seamlessly together.

Then I am going to use the Givenchy Powder in the t-zone area only. I don’t want to put too much powder on; there’s a difference between looking like oily and looking luminous. I just want to mattify around the smile lines, on the peak of the forehead and then just right onto the chin.


I am going to use the shade She’s Blushing onto the apples of the cheeks; tying in the eyeshadow shade we previously used. I love when the look is very monochromatic, it makes the look feel complete and well put together.

Lip Balm

I then apply a little bit of Major Glow lip balm onto the lips before I finish off the eyes, therefore the lips get a chance to be hydrated.


I then finish off the eyes with the Major Volume mascara applying it straight onto the lash line. Wiggle the brush from the root, working your way towards the end. I love like when the eyelashes look nice and twinkly.


This is my Brow Lamination Gel I am applying. I love when brows look really bushy and fluffy. Miranda has perfect brows so I am going to apply this over the eyebrows and brush up. It has a really strong hold and will keep help eyebrows to stay up all day long. Then I’m going to apply this Glossier Brow Pen in the shade Brown. I am going to draw hair-like strokes and extend the eyebrows.


I like to start from the center of the lips and disperse the lip liner out, lining the perimeter of your lips. I am using the Makeup Forever liner in 606, it is a really beautiful pinky, natural lip color. I then put a little bit of lip cream onto the center of the lips. I’m using the shade She’s Independent .

Mist To Finish

Then I finish off the face with a little bit of Minty Mineral Hydration Mist only on the perimeter of the face, leaving the center of your face nice and matte.

It’s a really beautiful setting spray if you want a nice dewy finish.

We hope you loved this video as much as we did!

Much love,

KORA Organics


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