Scalp Care

Scalp Care

The skin on our scalp isn’t something we think about too often unless there is a sudden change or damage occurs such as sunburn or you start experiencing dandruff. It’s important to look at all areas of our skin and how we can care for it to keep it at its healthiest. 

Scalp Scrub

Giving your scalp a deep scrub at least once a month. Whilst cleansing and exfoliating the skin, this will remove any dry, flaky, dead skin cells and hair care product residue that has built up over time. It will also increase circulation and promote both healthy skin renewal and hair growth.

At Home Scalp Scrub:

  1. Using your finger tips, squeeze a small amount KORA Organics Body Exfoliator to a dry scalp
  2. Massage gently into scalp along hair part line using small circular motions. Once you have done your part line, re-part your hair 1-2cm to the side and repeat. Continuing to apply the exfoliator to your scalp where your hair is parted
  3. You can also exfoliate hair line around face, back of ears and back of the neck
  4. Rinse out with cool water and follow with shampoo and conditioner as normal.
KORA Organics Body Exfoliator

Scalp Treatment

We love a nourishing skin treatment and highly recommend one 2-3 times a month for a little TLC and to hydrate your scalp.

At Home Scalp Treatment:

  1. Warm 3-4 pumps of KORA Organics Noni Glow Body Oil between palms of hands
  2. Using both hands, massage product into dry scalp
  3. Massage for approximately 2-3 minutes, covering whole scalp
  4. Leave for 15 – 20 minutes and wash out with cool water to lock in the nourishing oils and follow with shampoo and conditioner as normal. Leave overnight if you’re planning to wash your hair the next morning. Just be mindful of your pillow!


Whilst the treatment is on, multimask and give yourself a mini scalp massage. The scalp contains numerous nerves, pressure points and meridians that can affect your energy flow and ability to carry oxygen through your blood stream. Massaging your scalp can release stress-relieving endorphins, that can relax and ease any tension you may have, restore balance within the body and improve blood circulation. 

Did you know scalp care can be applied to all ages? 

Looking after our skin and scalps can start early, as experienced by our Founder and CEO, Miranda Kerr, as well as many customers who have used the KORA Organics body products on their little ones.

“I’ve also used the Essential Body Wash on Flynn and Hart to bathe them and wash their hair.” – Miranda 

“My son had a tiny bit of cradle cap on the top of his head and I applied the Noni Glow Body Oil, left it overnight and when I washed his hair the next day it all lifted away easily and never returned” – Annie 

Just like the skin on our face and body, our scalp needs to be exfoliated, cleansed, moisturized and treated for optimum health. Your scalp hosts your hair roots, so keeping the scalp healthy is also vital for healthy hair! 

KORA Organics xxx


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