A Rose Quartz Body Love Meditation

A Rose Quartz Body Love Meditation

Updated on 19th December 2023 at 7:49 pm

Rose Quartz is a beautifully potent crystal for the heart chakra. It balances and restores energy flow in the heart center.

It is also the crystal used most often for self-love, specifically, self-acceptance and self-forgiveness.

We are living in a time where our inner critic is so loud, and our inner cheerleader has been somewhat muted. We look for the flaws in ourselves, and constantly compare ourselves to others. It is time to shift our energy into accepting, loving and being kind and compassionate toward every part of ourselves; the external and internal.

The following is a body love meditation I love facilitating with clients on the days they need an extra boost and do not feel loving toward themselves, or their body.

A Rose Quartz Body Love Meditation KORA Organics

Take your Rose Quartz crystal, and place it on your heart centre. Close down your eyes. Inhale for the count of four, hold your breath for four counts, and exhale for eight counts. Repeat a few times.

Once you have connected to the energy of the Rose Quartz, and feel your heart expanding, and opening, keep your eyes gently closed, and begin to imagine yourself standing in front of a mirror.

See your reflection staring back at you, and just observe it. Become aware of your reflection, your body, your face. Do not analyze your reflection, just gently notice what surfaces without judgement. Then, visualize a glowing, luminous white light emanating from your heart, to your reflection’s heart space. Notice how much your heart begins to expand as you absorb this reflection, and immerse yourself in the warm glow of the white light.

Now coming back to your reflection, start to scan your body, from the crown of your head to the tips of your toes. Notice if you feel any particular feeling to a specific part of your body. Perhaps there is a part of your body you want to give a little extra love and kindness to? A part of your body you may find a little extra challenging to love?

As you focus on this specific part of your body, come back to your breathing, and gently place your hand on this part of your body. Allow the white light emanating from your heart to be inhaled into this specific area of your body. Notice any feelings which arise. Just simply notice, again without judgement.

If you notice any unpleasant or uncomfortable feelings arise regarding your body or this specific part of your body, offer it up to the Universe, for healing. Gently open your hands to release these feelings, and let it go.

Now ask your body, or this specific part of your body what it needs to hear from you to feel safe?

Ask it what it needs to feel from you to feel loved and accepted? What can you say to your body to be kind to it?

If you’re unsure of what to say, gently tell your body:

“I see you.”

“I feel you.”

“I love you.”

Allow these words to sink in. Notice how your body responds when you communicate with it kindly, gently and lovingly.

Notice how your body responds to this energy. Notice how energy has shifted.

Now, give gratitude to your body, even if it doesn’t function the way you want it to, or look the way you wished it would.

Thank your body for breathing.

Thank your body for functioning.

Thank your body for working its hardest for you.

Continue to allow your breath to ground, and support you.


Tamarin holds a Masters in Clinical Psychology, and has trained at prestigious clinics in Beverly Hills, California. Through her travels, attending Balinese healing + yoga retreats, and life experiences, Tam has merged her Psychotherapy experience and background with her spiritual guidance, intuitive and energetic healing capabilities. And so, EmpowHER Healing was born. Tam now calls Sydney, Australia, home.

Tam offers one-on-one sessions (in person and virtual) which which weave the wisdom of many modalities, merging the traditional psychotherapy model with a more holistic + spiritual guidance + healing. Her powerful sessions aim to cultivate the deep transformation driven by one’s readiness to discover their own potential for self-love, empowerment, expansion, and healing. Clients leave Tam’s sessions with their souls feeling aligned, empowered, expanded, and transformed. empowherhealing.com | @empowherhealing


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