Rose & Noni Ice Facial

Rose & Noni Ice Facial

Updated on 4th December 2020 at 8:19 am

This is a great way to instantly tighten and brighten tired skin post long-haul flights or long days at the office, add contour to the cheekbones in minutes and gently exfoliate at the same time.


Fill an ice cube tray with purified water to 3/4’s of each section. Add two to three sprays of Balancing Rose Mist into each section and a few organic rose petals and place in the freezer.

Once frozen, place in a container, seal with lid and keep in the freezer to have this super simple skin ritual at your finger tips!


Cleanse your skin with your favourite KORA Organics Cleanser and gently pat dry.

Wrap three cubes in a clean Cleansing Cloth and massage the skin with circular movements, working your way from the bottom of the neck, up the face to the top of the forehead, this will help alleviate any puffiness. Using the Cleansing Cloth also gently exfoliates.

To focus on cheekbone definition take the wrapped cubes in a “C” shape from the side of the mouth, move across to the middle of the jaw and up to the cheekbone, under the eye area and  back again—repeat on each side—following this pattern slowly and steadily until the ice melts.

Tip: You can also use Calming Lavender Mist with fresh lavender for a more soothing experience, or Energizing Citrus Mist with some citrus rind to uplift and awaken the skin.


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  1. Priti

    Hi, could you please shoot a video on how to make these and how to do the facial with it thanks that would be great help 🙂


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