Releasing 2020 with Gratitude and Moving into 2021

Releasing 2020 with Gratitude and Moving into 2021

Hi beautiful souls,

Wow, the end of 2020 is upon us! I know this year did not go at all as planned – with a pandemic, lockdown, and many BIG changes that most were not prepared for. Though this year came with a lot of unexpected challenges and changes- there is always possibility to look at what we have learned and find gratitude through these moments.

This year called for extra self care and love as we moved and as we end this year that still stands true, so I want to offer some tools and practices that can support you in releasing 2020 and prepare for the new year.


a) Write out what you are ready to release– what wasn’t working for you this past year: what are you letting go of from this past year? Whether it was relationships that weren’t working, self doubt, fear- something that came forward this year that you are ready to release to make space for more ease in your life. Write freely, letting all the things you are ready to release flow onto the page.

b) Write out what you are grateful for from 2020- write a list of things you are grateful for that happened this past year. Maybe these are lessons you learned or moments you had- write freely a list of gratitude.

When we are in the energy and frequency of gratitude, we are actually in a higher frequency- able to attract other higher frequency emotions and experiences like love and joy. Remember, we are made of energy and how are energy flows, creates what we experience.


Take time to set up a meditation area. A comfortable place to sit, a blanket, a scented candle, some crystals- whatever makes your space feel beautiful to you. Sitting in silence for even 5 minutes a day can set the stage for the rest of your entire day. Silence can support you in coming into deeper presence and mindfulness. When you sit in silence for even 5 minutes you will begin to notice that you will be more present from moment to moment.


Your breath can be your greatest support in this life, whether you are moving through a challenging moment, needing some support or simply wanting to arrive into a more embodied experience. Your breath is always available to you. Most people are not breathing fully as they move through their day- which can actually perpetuate a cycle of stress within the body and mind. By taking time to focus on deep breaths, you can support your nervous system to come into “rest and digest”, releasing stress from your body and mind.

Focus on deep breaths in through your noseand out through your mouth. Breathing deeply in and sighing on your exhale out. You can do this for 5-10 minutes and notice a big shift within your body and mind.  I truly believe our breath can be our greatest support in the moment! 


This is a topic I could write a lot about… boundaries are so crucial to our overall wellness. Knowing when to say no and listening to what feels like a full body yes. We each have our own set of boundaries and they shift from person to person. Having heathy boundaries is understanding what your limits are, physically, emotionally and spiritually. You can begin to notice what your limits are when you begin to feel overly stressed and burnt out. It is always okay to say no. Give yourself permission to set boundaries that feel good for you! You get to choose where you spend your energy and your time. Boundaries are a very powerful form of self love and care.


As we move into the new year, take care of yourself. Nourish yourself with good conversation (even virtual conversations can fuel our souls), foods that feel good, hot tea, skin care, time in nature, movement, spend time with people who inspire you, read things that fill you up. Self care can look different for everyone. Check in with what kind of care you need at this time in your life and be sure to carve out space to nourish your mind, body and soul.

I am so excited to share this sound meditation with you on releasing 2020 and stepping into the new year feeling empowered and grateful. This practice can support you in keeping your energy and vibration high so that you can transition into this next year feeling good!  


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