Relax and Heal with Sandalwood by Holly Star

Relax and Heal with Sandalwood by Holly Star

Sandalwood is a very healing medicine that has a warming, woodsy scent and also has a grounding effect (feeling centered and balanced) on the body.

Typically sandalwood oil was being harvested from trees in India, they are now mostly harvested responsibly in Western Australia.

Sandalwood is great for relaxing, use the incense or the oil for deep meditation or meditative states, as it is a calmative to the mind. It can also act as an anti depressant, and ease the mind from wandering states.

I love to burn red sandalwood for grounding, releasing fear, and creating a more prosperous state. Sandalwood stimulates the base Chakra, improving self identity and trust. This is great if you are having survival issues, fight or flight response, similarly any nervous system complexities, or adrenal issues.

So light some incense or you can apply the oil, breath deep, let go of the muscles holding on, and ask for the tree to open your root, for it to ground your body and help you trust the direction in your life.

by Holly Star | @hollystarhealing

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