Part 3: Night – The Ultimate In-Home Wellness Experience

Part 3: Night – The Ultimate In-Home Wellness Experience


Yin Exercise (Feminine Energy)

Wrap up your day with some feminine energy — think of this as treating yourself as you transition from busy mode to relaxed mode. Set aside time for things that will help you decompress — restorative yoga, a sound bath, and a guided mediation are great yin activities. At Shift we love a good sound healing and recommend Five Sense  Collective, Shanti Sound Healing and The Middle Branch, who are all offering digital healings.

Yoga (Restorative to wind down from the day)

There are several yoga instructors that I love and I’m sure you will too! Shayna Hiller is full of energy and her traditional vinyasa classes are suitable for all levels. What makes them unique is the theme and ‘dharma’ of each class, so even though the classes are challenging they’re simultaneously filled with wisdom and inspiration. Kirschen Katz is one of L.A.’s best kept secrets — a celebrity yoga teacher helping yogis tap into their groove one asana at a time. Another instructor I love is Marla Apt who has over 25 years of experience teaching yoga around the world. You should also check out Carolina Goldberg and Joe Kara.

meditating at sunset


For meditation, see suggestions of resources given in the previous post. Read it here


It’s said that our breath is a reflection of what’s going on in our body and that our breath is our most powerful healer within. My personal coach Gwen Dittmar has been doing some incredible work on Live and Zoom and has many group classes that make it easy to join. Carly Jo Carson is an incredibly powerful breathwork guide and shaman. I’ve gotten so much out of her holotropic breathwork group classes and she also does digital classes.

Lymphatic Massage 

I believe the lymphatic system plays a major part in our wellbeing. I’ve worked with Lisa Levitt Gainsley for years. She has so much information about all things lymphatic and teaches about lymphatic self-care which is something we all need at this time. She does Lives and has a library of content to learn about the lymphatic system and how to do manual lymphatic work on oneself.

Take a Bath/Dance Party

At least one night out of the week you should throw a dance party. Put on your favorite tunes and jam out at home releasing any stress.

If you like to keep things simple in the evening and would rather abstain from activities, just taking a ritual bath will help you unwind. The idea is to do something that will transition you from the busy day into unwinding into the evening.


Continue this schedule for at least two to three days, if not longer. If you like the results, this program can become a way of life.

Self-care shouldn’t just be a rare indulgence; think of it as a process that depends on you. You need to make it a priority. Right now, stress and emotions are high for most of us, so this is the perfect time to connect with your feelings and go inward and reflect.  Like a caterpillar in the chrysalis before turning into a butterfly. This program will form healthy habits and practices that you will want to continue for life.

By Nicole Fogel  / SHIFT Mind Body Soul xx

Nicole Fogel

Nicole Fogel is the founder of Shift Mind Body Soul, a global wellness brand. For the last decade, Nicole has suffered from a chronic autoimmune disease that impacted her life in many different ways. 

Through this journey of having to learn about personal self-care and well-being, sparked the idea that would give Nicole a way to invite others to experience the health, self-care, mindfulness, and restoration. By helping others heal and paying it forward, this has in turn helped to foster her own continual healing.

Nicole has gathered her leading wellness allies and experts to create a multi-dimensional program that approaches every aspect of real well-being: mindfulness, nutrition, fitness, and self-love. This is how SHIFT Mind Body Soul was created. 


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