Part 1: Prep – The Ultimate In-Home Wellness Experience

Part 1: Prep – The Ultimate In-Home Wellness Experience

Since we can’t travel or gather in groups this program is an excellent way to recharge emotionally, spiritually and physically (mind, body & soul) at home.

Rarely has there been a time when people are more in need of healing, self-care and wellness than now. As the founder of SHIFT Mind Body Soul (a.k.a. Shift Wellness), I create transformative travel and wellness programs locally and in beautiful locations like Maui, Hawaii. Our experiences focus on what we call the four cores of wellness; mindful awareness, holistic nutrition, spiritual healing and fitness/motivation. Although we can’t currently travel, we can still experience healing and wellness at home by committing to a practice/program that encourages going inward for deep self-care.

I’ve developed an in-home wellness program that will help you go inward during these challenging times. You can start by doing this for two to three days or a week, but this experience can turn into a lifetime practice of good habits that promote overall wellbeing.


Self-care should be a priority in your life and something you carve out time for just like you would with work, friendships and family. Before your at-home program starts, here are some things you may want to prepare and have on hand to help with your journey.

Create Your Nest

We’re much more receptive to experiences when we feel comfortable. To encourage your wellness journey, keep things like a pillow and cozy blanket, comfortable clothes, and an eye mask and headphones on hand. Since this is also a sensory experience, crystals, candles, essential oils or incense (Palo Santo or sage) can also help set your intentions. For the active parts of this program make sure to have fitness items like a yoga mat, block, foam roller, and resistance bands nearby. 

Creating your nest with pillows and comfortable blankets

Lastly, you’ll want to accompany this journey nutritionally, so stock up on healthy foods or schedule a delivery service in advance. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “you are what you eat” and I couldn’t agree more with that statement. I’ve learned first-hand about the benefits of eating clean and learned the power of eating like medicine. It has a tremendous effect on how we feel and removing processed food from our diet is a great place to start.

You can deepen your experience with a cleanse; my favorite is the Elissa Goodman S.O.U.P. Cleanse. Elissa is a wealth of information — follow her for daily knowledge of all things holistic nutrition @elissagoodman. I also love Pamela Saltzman and Rasa Life, both which can help you meal prep and give you recipe ideas to eat whole, delicious meals. Balance is important and it’s a lifestyle of wellness we strive for. With these services you’ll eat an array of organic and anti-inflammatory meals to help your body reset.

healthy colorful fridge
Healthy lunch bowl

The Night Before

Journaling or blogging the night before you begin and throughout your wellness experience can help set your intentions and deepen your experience. Think about why you’re doing this and what you would like to gain from the experience.

Nicole Fogel reading a book on outdoor sun chair
Think of your week of self-care and wellness as a process that depends on you. To really get the most out of it it’s a good idea to make it a priority and to ensure best results you’ll need to hold yourself accountable. A habit tracker like the one we have or the app Streaks can help you adhere to your commitments, identify your ideas and makes it easy to jot them down going forward. I believe in balance so before you set off on this healthy journey you may even want to treat yourself to your favorite wine or take-out dish to savor. You could also indulge in a face mask or skin treatment, bath or enjoy a movie or your favorite show.

Now you’re ready to start your journey. Lets’ go >

Nicole Fogel

Nicole Fogel is the founder of Shift Mind Body Soul, a global wellness brand. For the last decade, Nicole has suffered from a chronic autoimmune disease that impacted her life in many different ways. 

Through this journey of having to learn about personal self-care and well-being, sparked the idea that would give Nicole a way to invite others to experience the health, self-care, mindfulness, and restoration. By helping others heal and paying it forward, this has in turn helped to foster her own continual healing.

Nicole has gathered her leading wellness allies and experts to create a multi-dimensional program that approaches every aspect of real well-being: mindfulness, nutrition, fitness, and self-love. This is how SHIFT Mind Body Soul was created. 


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  1. Janet

    I’m a fan of what Nicole has created. Her wellness weeks are filled with health and self-love steps to really set you on a personal path to taking charge of your life.


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