Overview of 2021 Chinese New Year of the Metal Ox

Overview of 2021 Chinese New Year of the Metal Ox

It’s that time of the year again for the Chinese New Year Forecast and I am excited to share what’s on the horizon as well as what actions to take for a fruitful and accomplished year ahead. Even though 2020 was challenging and difficult, those who heeded the advice given last year around this time actually maximized their potential and had a terrific year in many ways. A lot of the strategy is in learning how the energies affect you personally and what actions you need to take.

On the night of February 3, 2021, the Chinese New Year of the Xin Chou or Metal Ox launches its energy. Overall, if you are looking for things to improve, it is going to be a very slow melt of the winter ice. Ox marks the end of the cold winter season of the animal signs, so we can expect to see warmer days ahead. If we can ride out the end of winter, our sorrows and frustrations will soon melt away.

A positive way of thinking about 2021 is to change the word “difficult” to “interesting” and make this journey an interesting one. Be aware of your options and stop leaking wealth and bad financial habits. Find your true purpose and do something meaningful because life is precious. Use 2021 to pursue something that you think is worth your time.

Keep in mind that we are in the same storm but not the same boat. Some of us are in a super yacht while others are in a dingy with one oar. Decide which boat you want to be traveling in for 2021.


  • Make 2021 safer for everyone – if we can’t cure the illness, we can recover quickly
  • Discover and Pursue Opportunities – in times of chaos there are always opportunities, have the courage and confidence to pursue them
  • There will be new problems and new ways to solve them – be a problem-solver


1. Find calmness in extreme chaos

You need to know how to reboot yourself and realign as the year goes on. This can be through yoga, Pilates, reiki, acupuncture, massage, facials, beauty treatments like KORA Organics, and other techniques you enjoy to balance your Zen sense of happiness and vibrant health. Take time often this year to realign your purpose. Continue to ask yourself what is important for you to accomplish. Write down your plans and goals because writing helps to anchor those intentions. Use 2021 as a year for self-reflection and transformation. Spend more time going inwards.

2. Work on mental toughness and emotional strength

Find courage to move forward in 2021. Boost your confidence to take everything you are doing to the next level. Building your self-esteem and creating a healthy ego is going to be important to make it through the next 12 months.

Affirmation: I have the courage to take risks and pursue my goals

3. Learn new skillsets for 2021

What new talents and expertise can you add to the year to make yourself more valuable? What will be the most fruitful to increase income and opportunities? It could be more tech knowledge, social media and on-line sales techniques, writing class to communicate more efficiently, speaking workshop to improve podcasts and on-line meetings, or financial class to handle your money better. Sometimes adding new diplomas and specialties can add to increased business and be able to charge more for your services. Get creative on what new skill will be beneficial for you this year and enrol now.

4. Wearing the cloak of invisibility vs gaining more visibility

We are moving more and more into the attention economy. Being of influence to others and grabbing attention is here you gain market share. Even for introverts, now is the time to be seen and noticed to spread your message. Hiding the shadows and only working behind-the-scenes makes you invisible and the opportunities of the year will pass you by. Find a way to express yourself that you are comfortable with. Have fun with it. Decide which platforms best suit your personality and audience. Hire someone to help you if marketing, PR, press, and social media are not your thing.

5. Define your new mission

2021 is a new world with new problems. There is no going back and why would you? We are all different, changed, transformed, so let’s continue moving forward. Dig deep to figure out where are you putting your energies this coming year. What’s the new mission? Is it a year to be creative and express your ideas to inspire and illuminate others? Are you committed to training and teaching others to lead and become experts in their fields? Do you want to invent new ways of making life easier or happier for others? You can meditate on this, but you really need to be proactive and take action towards your goals to make a change.

I hope these tips help you navigate and plan for a good year. I will be conducting my annual Chinese New Year Talk of the Metal Ox in February and invite you to join.


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Anita Rosenberg is the go-to Expert on Feng Shui in Los Angeles, Aspen and New York City. An award-winning author and International speaker, with nearly 20 years of experience, her passion is helping people through Feng Shui, BaZi Chinese Astrology and Qi Men. Anita is Miranda’s personal Cosmic Coach and a regular contributor to our Spread the Light blog.


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