Our Team on #MultiMasking

Our Team on #MultiMasking

We often encourage you to be present and enjoy being in the moment, but we’re also big on multi-tasking to get things ticked off the to-do list so we can enjoy some downtime. With the launch of our new Turmeric Brightening & Exfoliating Mask, we thought it would be fun to share some of our team’s secret ways to #multimask! Cassandra enjoys finding new tunes and marks out two nights a week for ‘mask and tunes’ in search of inspiring music. Richard likes to end his weekend with a ‘detox and restore ritual’, that involves ‘a mask and movie’ on a Sunday night. Karah #MultiMasks while working from her home office. Annie says hers is “way more boring” saying she folds washing, makes beds or does the dishes while the mask works its magic! Danielle likes to do a mask and prep for dinner or catch up on emails! Brie likes to dry body brush while her mask is activating, for what she says is “tip-to-toe stimulation!” Allison #MultiMasks while journaling, as she likes to cleanse her mind and her pores. Kristal #MultiMasks while breastfeeding. Amanda likes a nightly soak in the tub with her mask on! Or while she takes the dogs for a walk at night…

We would love to hear how you #MultiMask.

Enjoy! KORA Organics xxx

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