Our Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Our Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Whether it’s Mother’s Day, her Birthday or you just want to spontaneously spoil her, we should all celebrate the wonderful women in our lives each and every day!

Here are our top gift ideas to pamper the special lady in your life this Mother’s Day. 


Give her the tools for an at home facial massage with our Rose Quartz Heart Facial Sculptor and Noni Glow Face Oil. Paired as the Glowing Gua Sha Collection, the Rose Quartz Heart Facial Sculptor will help to depuff and lift while enhancing the application of the Noni Glow Face Oil. Together they’ll bring out the best in her skin and provide a relaxing and uplifting experience.


Put the kettle on, let her sit down, rest her feet up and enjoy a special moment with some soothing tea. 

“I love to drink tea and I have a special teacup that I have my tea in each morning – it’s like this one from the collection I designed for Royal Albert. It makes any cup of tea into a special moment. If I’m travelling I also take the teacup with me so I get a comforting, calming feeling of home no matter where I am.” – Miranda

“There is nothing better than taking a moment for yourself or sharing a cup of tea with loved ones. I love these Yogi Teas – there is an uplifting affirmation on each tea bag.” – Miranda


Gift self-love and positivity into her daily routine with these beautiful products that contain Rose Quartz crystals. Rose Quartz carries a very gentle, soothing energy and is known to help ease tension, stress, and anxiety whilst increasing and promoting feelings of well-being.

An organic highlighter containing finely crushed Rose Quartz to create a soft pink hue that provides her with hydration and a luminous glow.


Keep love and happiness close to her heart with the Krystle Knight Rose Quartz Necklaces.

Water combined with rose quartz crystals bring her the most loving energy and fresh tasting water to enjoy daily.


mask can be a great way to revitalise her mind and skin. Allow her to take some down-time and give herself and her skin a little TLC while addressing any skin concerns,

This duo will have her feeling fresh and like she just left a day at the spa. Our Glowing Essentials Kit includes our Turmeric Brightening & Exfoliating Mask to refresh & purify the complexion leaving it softer, smoother and more even toned and the Noni Glow Face Oil to nourish and restore your skin.
Mum deserves some beauty sleep! Overnight our skin renews and repairs so it’s the perfect time for her to use this hydrating sleeping mask treatment.

“I apply this product as the last step of my beauty routine each night. It’s an overnight face mask that’s super hydrating as it contains natural hyaluronic acid, which really plumps the skin.  I wake up with my skin hydrated, plump and glowing!  Being a busy Mum and working across different time-zones, I’m often sleep deprived and my skin suffers so this helps give the illusion of a full night’s sleep.” – Miranda

What better way for her to feel pampered than by gifting her with a luxurious silk robe to make her feel extra special whenever she needs.

“I love wearing robes at home, and these are some of my favourites! They are so comfortable, and the silk feels super soft and luxurious on your skin. I wear one each morning and night whilst doing my skincare routine! I also like that you can monogram them to add a personal touch – the perfect personalised pamper present!” – Miranda

Let her initiate, deepen or enhance her love with this custom Love Candle from Matter & Home.

My friend Holly Star is an energy healer and makes these beautiful soy candles with crushed gem stones and energetic properties – I think it’s more important than ever to give gifts that help people feel uplifted and energized. This one is based on the intention of LOVE and contains jasmine to help soften and open the heart and ylang ylang to help balance energy.” – Miranda

These are just some of our top gift ideas for this Mother’s Day, but anything that comes from the heart, with love and thoughtfulness will be the best gift any mother can receive.

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  1. Karen Goodman

    I love all things in the Kora Organics range and love all the gift 💝 ideas, absolutely beautiful!!

  2. Keniul Mammadova

    I have been following you for a long time. Now I saw giveaway and I’m happy to joint it. I hope I will be the winner🙈 my due date is July 25 🙏 and these gifts will be a nice gift for future mother candidate🥰.

    Thank you❤️


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