Nourish Your Mind | Live Peacefully

Nourish Your Mind | Live Peacefully

As we move into the busy holiday season, we like to take the time to breathe and nourish our minds. 

The lovely Chanel Mulcahy, breathwork practitioner and sound healer, has shared a simple practice to help us come back to our breath, and connect to our calm.

Hello to the KORA Organics community. My name is Chanel, and I am a breathwork practitioner. I’m really excited to share with you one of my favorite breathwork practices.

This is a breathwork practice I turn to several times in the week because it is energizing, yet grounding, and can really offer you clarity in those days where maybe you’re feeling more overwhelmed or anxious. This is a practice that I turn to in those moments. I hope this can be that practice for you too.

At any point, if anything feels uncomfortable in your body, please listen to it. You can always take a pause, take a break, and revisit the practice when it feels better for you in your body.

What this practice looks like, is two breaths in through the mouth, and then one breath out through the mouth.

The first breath through the mouth goes in towards your belly. The second breath goes in towards your heart space, towards your chest, and then you exhale on a sigh. Let it all go out. Do this for three rounds, and at the end of each round we will do a breath retention. This is a beautiful part of the practice to contain your energy and feel the benefits of the breathwork practice.

We begin by finding a comfortable seat; whatever that looks like to you. I like to sit cross-legged and softly close my eyes. Take a breath in through your nose, out through your nose, and begin with two breaths and one breath out.

At the end of the round of exhales, breathe in through your nose, and hold your breath at the top for breath retention. Soften your shoulders and focus your awareness towards your third eye. Then exhale and release.

Take another round of this and focus your awareness on your third eye centre again. What is the energy that you are cultivating within your body? More peace, more softness, more gratitude?

Really feel into that. And before you exhale, be aware of what are you releasing? Is it a feeling of overwhelm? Feel it and then let it go.

Take a few regular breaths and notice how this practice is sitting with your mind and body. Bring in a thought of gratitude towards your heart space. Feel it within your heart space, and within your body. What is one thing that you are grateful for in this moment and how can you carry that with you forward into the rest of your day?

And then when you’re ready, softly open your eyes.

I am sending so much love to you and to the rest of your day. I hope this practice felt as nourishing for you as it does for me, and it is one that you can turn to when you are feeling like you need a little uplifting and energizing, but grounding.

Sending so much love,


Chanel is a sound healer, breath work practitioner and coach. She offers group programs and 1:1 sessions. She is the creator of Inner Exhale where she shares her passion of connecting and healing mind, body and spirit.

With a focus on self love and transformation, Inner Exhale is a place that she shares her holistic offerings and insights. She encourages mindful awareness, movement, connection to nature, meditation, and breath awareness. She believes that self love is the way to finding your unique mission and showing up in your passion and purpose.

If you want to work with Chanel 1:1, mention that you read this blog post and you can get 10% off her sessions.

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A Calming Breathwork Practice for the Holiday Season

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