Wellness Rituals To Nourish For Glowing Skin

Wellness Rituals To Nourish For Glowing Skin

This week our team focus is on nourishing our beautiful bodies.

We’ve broken down how we choose to nourish our bodies with easy daily rituals, as inspired by Miranda and our lovely blog contributors.


This shoeless easy ritual is about connecting to the earth through the soles of our feet.

Whether you stand or stroll, the premise is to rejuvenate your energy by connecting to the grounding energy of Mother Earth.

Whenever I’m lacking in energy, I take a couple of minutes to go outside, put my feet in the grass and close my eyes and feel the sunlight in the palms of my hands. It’s such a simple and quick way for me to reenergize.” – Miranda

We love the joy of naturally releasing stress—and try to make going barefoot, a daily practice—even if just for a few minutes.


Miranda is a devotee of daily affirmations and we support wholeheartedly. She’s kindly shared this affirmation for you to embrace nourishing your body every day.

Every cell in my body radiates with love, health and joy.” – Miranda

We love the practice of affirming ourselves while sipping on our morning elixir.

Detox Tonic

Start your day with a delicious detox tonic with one of our favorite ingredients, turmeric.

We love this fresh ginger and turmeric tonic recipe for a shot of energy and boost of nutrition as soon as we wake.

It’s also delicious!

Mindfulness Brushing

Our team like to dry body brush each morning for our MIND, BODY and SKIN.

While brushing, we like to add a mindfulness practice to imagine burdensome energy leaving the body with each brush stroke.

We like this ritual to bring awareness to the body, and to be positively present during the process. Releasing what we no longer need as we brush makes it ideal to then apply our body skincare routine.

Cleansing Ritual

Miranda regularly cleanses her personal and home space with the Energy Clearing Ritual. A kit she curated with Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Citrine and Amethyst crystals, a candle and a stick of Palo Santo.

I like to light the candle first, then light the Palo Santo from the candle, and then to wave it around and take three deep breaths. I find it really helps clear the space around me and to reset the space.” – Miranda

The idea being to stay connected, and find our inner calm.

Body Love Meditation

We enjoy meditating to give our bodies some quiet time and love—and revere this simple and beautiful crystal ritual to boost self-acceptance on days when we most need it.

Try this gorgeous meditation when you’re feeling a lack of gratitude for your body.

A Rose Quartz Body Love Meditation

Movement Meditation

We adore and embrace the ritual of movement meditation to connect to our inner self. The idea is to move your body with awareness and focus, while harnessing your intuition.

We love that there are no right or wrong moves—it’s simply about how it feels.

Learn how to embrace this tool at home!

Bath Ritual Bliss

Miranda and our team love a good soak to drop into presence and enjoy some peace. We’ve taken inspiration from her for this night-time ritual, so you can recreate this heavenly scene at home.

This ritual recipe is a gift for our bodies and our senses.

Find Presence

We like to honor our bodies by practicing being in presence. It’s a simple and beautiful way to sit with ourselves as we are and find peace.

Read on for the many ways you can embrace this in everyday life.

Miranda’s Body Ritual

This ritual was designed by Miranda to nourish your body—each morning. 

“I try to Dry Body Brush each morning before I shower. It doesn’t take long, two minutes max. It’s so energizing for the body and increases circulation and blood flow. 

In the shower I start with the Renewing Hand & Body Wash, which is an incredibly gentle cleanser that helps bind moisture to your skin even after rinsing, followed by the Invigorating Body Scrub. It scrubs away all my dead skin and leaves me feeling silky smooth and glowing. 

Post-shower, I use the Nourishing Hand & Body Lotion and then to lock all the moisture in, I use a layer of the Noni Glow Body Oil all over my body. I feel like a whole new person after using this combo.” – Miranda

With love,

Kora Organics 


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